Sunday, May 25, 2008

Other random NCHE conference stuff

Edited: Wow, I was typing too fast and was way too tired...I had a ton of typos! I've fixed them now, so it should make a little more sense. :)

  • I realized I was writing so fast yesterday that I forgot to put in the picture I took of Jessica and me...which turned out fairly well considering it was one of those "hold the camera out as far as you can in front of you" photos, so here it is, I even look fairly sane:

  • I think I ended up sounding in yesterday's post like I didn't like any of the workshops I went to, but along with there being parts of all of them that I didn't like, I also got something out of all of them.
  • Saturday afternoon there were all these grandparents sitting around waiting for the graduation ceremony. I guess they'd had to come with kids and grandkids who had to be there in time for practice. So they were all sitting around looking puzzled by all the homeschoolers
  • And if it wasn't grandparents, it was ukuleles! The music vendor down in the book fair was selling ukuleles and I guess on Saturday everyone decided to get one. So there were all these people sitting by the walls, or just wandering around playing these things, and all the "pling, pling, pling"-ing was getting very, very annoying!
  • I stepped into the main room during the rehearsal for graduation, just to see if there was anyone I knew and what was going on. Well, I timed that really badly, because I got stuck between the AV platform at the back of the room and the procession of graduates practicing filing out! And despite that I didn't even see the few people who I knew were graduating. They were also having trouble with the procession, because the lady was telling them to stick two-by-two, except they'd only left one door open into the hall so they had to split up to get out the door.
  • Homeschoolers can't line up, or follow traffic patterns in large buildings apparently. There were people wandering all over the main halls bumping into other people, kids playing games in the halls, large groups stopping to talk right in the way of everyone, and just general chaos.
  • Not related to the conference, Nicholas Nickleby is a very good movie. I watched it last night after I got the kids I was babysitting into bed. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is also very good, I watched it last time I babysat. Now I just need to read Nicholas Nickleby because that's one Dickens book I haven't read yet! They probably ruined it in the movie. :)
Must go, it's time for evening church!


abigail said...

Yes, Nicholas Nickleby is a good movie. Some people I know say that it is a morbid movie, but I protest! It is a little melancholy, (if that's how you spell it), but at least it ends fairly happily.

Natalie said...

Yeah, a little melancholy, but all Dickens novels are, and I enjoyed it! :) I'm looking forward to reading the book when I get a chance.

Jessica said...

I'd have to say the book is very good, and the movie can only do it some credit because they consolidated characters, completely cut out interesting events, and even more interesting people. Once you've read it, go back and see the movie again... Anne Hathaway kind of ruins the Madeline Bray part because of her inablities to act seriously and to do British accents, and I don't think the guy playing Nicholas played him in the way I was expecting, even though he was still good. I was surprised at how he and the girl who played Kate looked so much alike! Otherwise I thought it was a good movie and I definitely reccomend the book as one of Charles Dicken's better novels, in my opnion.

Nice picture, by the way! ;)