Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday miscellanea

Is it really Thursday already? Wow.

Okay, this is going to be a rather random post. :)

We got our name tags the other day for the home school convention...let's see, it's in two weeks. I was thinking that I should find out which if my friends were going to the convention, and then I realized that I've kind of lost touch with most of my friends from home school camp. I like to know who to look for at the convention, but it would be a bit weird to email them all now, on the slight chance that I might see them there. Hmm. I've just been too busy this past year to email much. :( I guess I'll just see who I run into, if anyone!

Mom asked me yesterday if I wanted to have a graduation party. I don't really know...what does one do at/for a graduation party? It's kind of the same problem I have with birthday invite a bunch of people, but then what do you do? Although, a graduation party would be easier than a birthday party...with a birthday party you have to sort of pick an age-range. Does anyone have any suggestions about graduation parties? Do I really want one? :D

Thanks to Rebecca, I've been looking at Pyrex/Corning Ware/Glasbake/misc. vintage baking dishes on eBay. The problem is I'm not really sure how much these things should be worth, so I don't know what's a good deal. With depression glass, there are books that have the values for the different patterns. Of course everyone's collecting these things now, so I'm not sure if I could even find any at garage sales, which is where else I was thinking of looking.

I have so many craft things I'd like to do...I'm working on something for Mom that needs to be done by Mother's Day...this Sunday.
I went ahead and got a pattern for a messenger bag, because the patterns were on sale when we went to the fabric store...99 cents is worth it to not mess up a project. I found some cool lining fabric too:

I had to pull eleven rows of knitting out of my sweater because I didn't read the pattern right. Thankfully with the cotton yarn I'm using, it's fairly easy to pick the stitches back up. But that eleven rows was quite a bit of knitting. :(
And I've got this idea for newspaper baskets...but that's going to take having enough time to sit down and mess with newspaper and get my hands all covered in newsprint to figure it out. That might have to wait till this I'm ever going to not be busy. :p

Grandma is cleaning some stuff out of their house, so she just came over here with stuff for us to look through. She had a cute little toy tea set, and some beach of them I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a towel or a tablecloth. And when I spread it out to take this picture I realized it's got an owl on it! A very floral owl!!! :p

And one of the other ones looks kind of like a quilt:

Tea set:

BTW, for my cousin Andrea: if you like that tea set (it kind of goes with your dishes) you're welcome to have it...I think it's cute, but it's not really my color.

I've got lunch for Mother's Day figured out, so I just have to get some stuff at the store. And get some fresh strawberries on Saturday, the strawberry farm has them for $7 dollars a gallon. We should probably get some extra too and freeze them. I was comparing the price of the frozen ones we get at Costco for smoothies and these are cheaper.

And I've got supper for tonight figured out. Hamburger stew (which is much better than it sounds) and biscuits. Of course, the biscuits are the main reason for eating hamburger stew. :)


Rebecca said...

Do they ever have Pyrex-type things at your Goodwill? I think I remember seeing some at ours a while ago. But it's been forever since I went to Goodwill.

The floral owl looks like something Andrea would hang over the closet door :P

Abigail said...

You should definitely have a graduation party! At most of the ones we go to, they play volleyball or something and have a BBQ.

Will said...

What do you do a parties? Why party of course! I did not really have a graduation party myself it was more like a graduation trip up to VA...I do think a cookout with volleyball or badminton is a good idea...Though I remember you said you don't really like volleyball....maybe just a cookout. Oh and that Owl towel just screams '70s

mandolinartist said...

I like the towels/quilts/spreads; they have nice patterns.

DEFINITELY HAVE A PARTY! I could come up with a whole list of things to do. CELEBRATE YOUR GRADUATION! Talk about your educational journey. Allow all the little kids to look up to you and anxiously await their turn... Hang out with great friends, like us! Get one of those dogs with the hat and let everyone sign it... Be creative...

Natalie said...

Hmm...for some reason I didn't think of looking at Goodwill, Rebecca. Our Goodwill doesn't have much good in the way of dishes and stuff it seems.

Wow...okay, Mandolinartist, I'll just have you plan the party! :D I'm thinking just a cookout sounds pretty good...if all the people from church come it'll probably get pretty crazy anyway...just no volleyball! ;)

Talk about your educational journey. Allow all the little kids to look up to you and anxiously await their turn...

Hoo boy, um...shy homeschooler here... I DON'T DO SPEECHES!!!!!!

A...what??? Dog with a hat? (who got paid to dance like that...uh, sorry...) I'm a little confused...

Yep, this could be pretty cool. Especially since I know a lot of crazy people. Crazy in a cool way, of course.

Oh yeah, um, one problem, how is everybody supposed to fit in our house??

abigail said...

A really successful party must envolve lots of ice cream and everyone staying up until at least 2am.

LOL, I just had a vision of Lady Catherine saying that to Lizzie and Darcy to help them plan their weddding :D

Rebecca said...

Am I invited? I'll look up to you and anxiously await my turn! And I'll sign a dog's hat (whatever that means)!

mandolinartist said...


1. Outside, not inside.

2. Have you ever seen those "dogs, animals, creatures" that people sign when someone has a baby or is in the hospital? The stuffed animal does not have too many details because everyone signs it all over. I saw one of these for graduations. (It was really a joke.)

3. I wasn't talking about a speech, but with you being the guest of honor, others younger than you will perhaps look forward to their day of completion of school.

4. I cannot believe your anti-volleyball stance.

:) :) :) :)

Natalie said...

4. I cannot believe your anti-volleyball stance.

I might just say that (perhaps merely from lack of practice) most people would not want me on their team when playing volleyball anyway. :)

Abigail, that's funny! "And I will take care of ordering the ice cream, it must be the best..." :p