Monday, May 12, 2008


Oh my, it's Monday. And while we were able to get a fair amount of stuff done, it's still been very Monday-ish.

Mom and I both had headaches this morning, probably from allergies as it's been very windy here, lots of pollen blowing around.

Colin's been talking all day, and not making much sense...maybe he's tired too, but it seems like either he mumbles so we can't understand him, or he talks clearly, but still makes no sense.

He managed to pour almost the entire contents of a salt grinder on his lunch. We get these salt and pepper grinder things from Aldi, so at least they're not very expensive. They have clear caps on them....well, he left the cap on and was grinding the salt into it, but instead of taking the cap off, he unscrewed the whole top and dumped tons of salt onto his plate. *sigh* He didn't even have any reason to have not taken the cap off, we only do that while cooking so we can either measure it, or so that we don't get steam in the salt and make it clump up.

And just all sorts of other little things...

In between being strange today, Colin has managed to make me laugh too...maybe we're all just a little tired...

We were talking about American Idol while eating supper tonight (I'm not really sure why) but we were talking about how for tomorrow's show the contestants will sing a song they picked, a song the judges picked, and one the producers picked. And this is also the week they got to go back to their home towns... Colin says, "When they sent David Cook home, he came back!! He's still singing!" I think he meant after the original auditions... "Yeah," says Mom, "He came back! He's still singing! They can't get rid of him!!!" :p

We had tacos for supper and it sounded like Colin at one point mumbled something about Tulsa. "Tulsa?" my dad says, "What?"
"No, SALSA!" says Colin indignantly...which led Mom and I to start talking about how you can get Tulsa to rhyme with salsa if you're Alan Jackson... I still don't remember what Colin was trying to say. :D

So, yeah, we're all a bit tired, and it's Monday!

In other news, I've been working on the messenger bag I'm making...I'll take some pictures when I get more done. It's rather slow going, what with all the pieces and cutting fabric, lining, and interfacing. I was going to make it out of two old khaki skirts that I have, but found out Sunday afternoon that I wasn't going to be able to get enough fabric out of them. They're two different colors, and I couldn't even get the whole outside out of one color. So after panicking, and kicking myself for not buying some khaki twill when it was on sale last week, Mom suggested that I see if Dad had any pants or shorts he was going to get rid of.

Duh! Why didn't I think of that? It stands to reason that the man who wears khaki pants and a polo shirt six days out of the week might have some extra pants that were falling apart but still reusable. :p He had two pairs...different colors, but one of them matched one of my skirts, so I'm using them for the fabric.

I got some knitting done this weekend too, but I still haven't knit as far as all the knitting I pulled out last week. :( Oh well, I'll knit tomorrow night.

And now I should probably go to bed and get some sleep... *yawn*


Abigail said...

I like your new profile picture!

Beth said...

So after panicking, and kicking myself for not buying some khaki twill when it was on sale last week, Mom suggested that I see if Dad had any pants or shorts he was going to get rid of.

This sentence makes it sound like I was the one who panicked and kicked you for not buying some khaki twill. :)

I mean, I am a Mean Mom, but I don't think I've ever kicked you.

Natalie said...

Yeah, I couldn't figure out how to re-word that...
Hee-hee, you're not mean, you just haven't let me do everything I've ever wanted to do...thankfully! :)