Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quit calling!

So, American Idol top two: David and David. Awesome! :D Good thing it was both Davids...they need to have someone to steer David A. around and keep him from passing out, and David Cook seems to be doing a fairly good job of keeping the other contestants going. :p

While we were watching the show last night, my grandma called because their car had broken down...sort of. What she told Mom was that it was running, but it was making a clicking sound, and Grandpa wasn't "doing anything about it", so they stopped so she could "do something about it". I really don't know what he was supposed to do, and what she did... She told Mom she tried to "roar" it, and it wouldn't roar. Rev it, maybe? But they managed to make it all the way from Kmart to the Texaco with AAA service. So I guess the car was still drivable.

What really made this confusing (more confusing, I should say) was all the calling going on.
1. Grandma called Mom, Mom said she'd try to get a hold of Dad who was at prayer meeting.
2. Dad's phone wasn't getting service, so Mom left a voicemail.
3. She called Grandma back to say that she'd left a message and would let them know when he called back.
4. Grandma calls, wondering why Dad hasn't called yet, and can't she call the house where they're meeting?!
5. So Mom tries to call Dad again, but he's finally got the voicemail and is trying to call her.
6. Dad calls, Mom explains the situation, he says he'll call G&G
7. Grandma calls Mom again, Mom says she talked to Dad and he's trying to call them right now.
8. Grandma calls Mom back to let her know that Dad called them... Uh, yeah, he said he would! *shakes head*

Anyway...they got it sorted out. They left the car there, Dad went and picked them up, and they've heard from the mechanic that a cylinder isn't working...or something to that effect. Dad called and talked to the guy, so he knows what's going on anyway. But sheesh, all the calling, and they had to do a bunch more calling back and forth today after they heard from the mechanic!

Grandma came over here earlier, and poor Mom's been on the phone since Grandma went back home, and right now she's on the phone with some lady doing a political survey! So much for her restful Thursday... :(


Rebecca said...

She told Mom she tried to "roar" it, and it wouldn't roar.

Hee-hee! That really cracked me up!

And it puts strange images in my head of Grandpa going "ruff, ruff!" at the car...

Abigail said...


Natalie said...

Ha, apparently while the guys were trying to look at the car last night, Grandpa was standing right in the way so that they had to keep going around him to get to the car! :D

abigail said...

lol I can totally relate to all the phone calls, my family has frequent communication issues :p

Natalie said...

"Communication issues" yeah, that's it exactly, Abigail! :D

Will said...

That phone call breakdown sounds familiar. We have five cell phones in our family so strange phone situations occur quite regularly.

Uncle Jim said...

I'm guessing that I'm one of the few adults in our combined families that actually knows how to use the three-way calling function that all of our cellphone plans have in common...

That would just make things too easy, now wouldn't it? :)

Natalie said...

I'm not sure even three-way calling would have really helped's more a matter of who should be talking to who.

Like when Grandma called us last night and I asked if she needed to talk to Mom or Dad...she said she'd talk to Mom. Well, Mom ends up saying, "I'll have to ask Tom about that, and have him call you back." Because she DID need to talk to Dad, but she didn't want to! Sheesh.

Kodachrome said...

QUIT Calling- Very amusing and as Will nailed it- we go through those kind of exercises exponentially
every week. 4 grandparents, 12 aunts and uncles, 21 cousins, etc. all in NC UGH

Natalie said...

Oh my... Yep, that's a lot of relatives to attempt to communicate with!