Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You can find anything on the internet

If anyone was wondering, the current acceptable/fashionable width for mens ties is 3.25 inches. In general, 3-4 inches, definitely no more than 4.

Why do I know this? Because my grandma was over here today wondering which of Grandpa's many ties were still acceptable. Apparently he was wearing a very wide (and wrinkled) tie to church last Sunday because they're cleaning and unearthed some old ties.

I believe I'm getting the old ones for craft projects...should be interesting.

So, there you have it...get out a ruler and measure away! I believe build was supposed to be factored in as well, i.e. if you are short and wide, be very careful not to wear too wide of a tie. Likewise, if you're tall and thin, you can get by with a wider tie.

I wonder if my dad's ties are the "proper" width? Actually the old one he has that he wore for work in the early 80's is probably about right.


Will said...

I can not stand wide ties! I think I have one tie that is over 3.75" and that was a gift from my grandmother.

Rebecca said...

I'm sure a wide tie would completely ruin the rest of Grandpa's extremely fashionable look! :P

Natalie said...

Oh boy, Rebecca, I just burst out laughing at your comment!

Wait till you see the ones Grandma got rid of! ;)

Rebecca said...

Post photos! Please!