Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Oh boy...wow, it's catching up with me that I've been going almost non-stop since Thursday! So I'm kind of taking it easy today...getting some chores done, messing around, stuff like that. It's been too many days of getting up early and going to bed late, and not much rest in between.

The homeschool convention started Thursday afternoon, I didn't get to bed till late that night. I had a birthday party to go to Friday night. I babysat Saturday night, and we went to someone's house for lunch and stayed almost all afternoon on Sunday, then there was evening church. And then yesterday, Dad was off work, and we slept in, but I still felt tired when I got up and I went and got strawberries, and we went to a couple grocery stores, and I stayed up late last night too.

I'm not a super-high-energy person! :p

I think tomorrow my friend Amanda (mandolinartist of the comments) and I are going to go up to camp at suppertime and visit some of my friends. I'm really glad I didn't go to camp this year, if I'd had to do something else all this week I think I'd be dead by next weekend! :D So, we'll go see how they're enjoying homeschool camp this year.

So there you have it. :)


Abigail said...

Yeah, that's basically how my weekend went! I slept in on Monday until 10:30, it felt so good.

mandolinartist said...

So... I guess we are going to camp...just to visit. I have never been to camp, for camp, other than just to visit. My aunt's church had ties in the past with The Vineyard Camp; I went with her to a cookout or church outing at the Vineyard, but I never went away to a camp when I was a child. I am anxious to see this camp since it is in my county and I live near it.

OH YEAH... I can't believe you exposed me... 'your friend, Amanda, mandolinartist...'

HA!!!! Joking!!!! No prob... I signed a few other blogs with both names, but don't expect me to drop the mandolinartist label.

Natalie said...

I signed a few other blogs with both names

Ha-ha, that's why I figured it was okay...sorry! See you tomorrow! :)

AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

No prob... It is okay. I was just joking. If you heard me say "you exposed me," in person, it would have been much more dramatic and sarcastic; then it would have definitely been a joke!