Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I voted...in the primary...

...and for American Idol. Hmm...which is more important?! ;p

Oh my...I'm so tired...I've been working all day!

But first things (or short things) first.

First: voting...we went and voted when Dad got home from work. I researched the candidates yesterday and really there weren't very many positions that there was actually a primary for, but I looked up the rest of them. Most of them were fairly easy to figure out except lieutenant governor, because all four candidates were about the same, with the exception of one guy that I certainly wasn't going to vote for. So that's that...I wish we had better choices for president but we don't. :( And if the election in November ends up being between Clinton and McCain, well... I don't do the whole vote for the lesser of two evils thing.
We had printed out sample ballots, and Mom told me that the real ballots wouldn't actually look like that, there would be holes to punch...turns out the ballots were the same. You fill in the little ovals, nice and dark, like an achievement test...which was fun.

Secondly: American Idol...with the theme being the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" that's all the better it got?! Hmm...David Cook was really awesome...first song, he sang it good, but just kind of stood there. Second song was thoroughly criticized by my dad as not being done anywhere near as well as the original. It wasn't the same as The Who did it (and I like the original) but I thought David did it pretty well. What I thought was impressive was how he switched to the higher range very smoothly. He had to sing both parts...but he can!
What was wrong with Jason? Maybe he just wants to go home; how can you forget those lyrics? David Archuleta's first song was really quite good, provided you don't look at him while he's singing. Syesha...meh. Her performance of "Proud Mary" was lame...it wasn't Tina Turner style, nor was it CCR's version (which is good).

Thirdly: I spent most of the late morning and early afternoon building a squash trellis, and after lunch started digging up the spot where I'm going to plant the squash. Dad and I went to Lowes last night and got the stuff I needed...two bolts, some screws, and eight 1x2s, we already had some 2x4s so we didn't have to buy those.

The finished trellis:

More pictures tomorrow...many more pictures...Colin took pictures while I was working on the trellis and Mom took pictures of Colin and I working on it.
Colin was a big help...after I reminded him that when you watch "This Old House" you don't hear the guys holding boards in place complaining and saying, "Aren't you done yet? I've been holding this for ages!"...which is what Colin was saying when we started out. Or, "I need to go get a drink!". No, you don't! It's not urgent, and what is urgent is that if you let go of that, the whole thing is going to fall down! But apart from a little bumbling about he was a good helper. I would have gotten it done faster with Dad helping, but Dad's very, very busy and this needed to be done now. And it's done, the trellis part anyway, and I have a lovely, painful callus/sore on my thumb from all the drilling and screwing. :( No splinters though, which is good considering how rough the "steps" of the trellis are.

I dug two mums out of the spot where I'm going to plant the squash:

And dug it all up:

And tomorrow I'm going to add some stuff to the dirt and hopefully get the squash planted. And the mums replanted...I had Colin working on new holes for them, but he couldn't dig in the spot I was planning on putting them, it was too hard. So right now they're in buckets with water. Soooo...more digging tomorrow. Ouch.


Will said...

after I reminded him that when you watch "This Old House" you don't hear the guys holding boards in place complaining and saying, "Aren't you done yet? I've been holding this for ages!"

:D ROFL that made me laugh, I can just see it now, Norm talking about headers and one of the guys cuts in with "Norm, this 2x10 is heavy, lets move the explanation along" :p

Sarah said...

The ballot reminded me of the end-of-the-year tests too!
When I looked at my ballot, I had the strangest urge to read through it and fill in the circles as fast as I could! :)

I agree with you about Jason. I kinda wanted to change the channel when he was singing. He really needs to go this week. I think it should be the two Davids in the final two. Even though I don't like David A.

Natalie said...

I hadn't thought how it would sound if that actually happened, but that's it exactly, Will! :D

Yeah, Sarah...I had this feeling there was a timer going somewhere. And I was missing my nice dark, number 2 pencil!! :D

I thought the two Davids should be in the final, but then I remembered that the second place winner usually ends up making a cheesy album too. So maybe David C. should go home this week or next? He might stand a better chance that way, like Chris Daughtry. Syesha and David A. would be able to handle the sappy songs AI gives them.

Aw, you got a new profile pic too, Sarah! :)

Kodachrome said...

If you hang around long enough you're bound to see lots of strange photos of Will and Sarah. Like the time we were in a Hallmark store and Will asked why he was on a card wearing his plastic Knights outfit complete with sword. Or Sarah and her mom in matching dresses wrangling a rabbit for Kodak. Oh the trials of a photographer as a dad- now gone over to the digital dark slide. Pun intended Uncle Jim.

Natalie said...

Ha, that's funny!

Or Sarah and her mom in matching dresses wrangling a rabbit for Kodak.

Oh my...that sounds hilarious! :D