Friday, May 02, 2008

Thinking, planning, learning

I was just pondering recently the difference age makes in your view of things. I was talking to a friend of mine who's fifteen and she was telling me about hearing a seminar and feeling stressed about it. She felt like she was supposed to be wanting to get married and have kids as soon as possible, and she doesn't feel that that's a big priority in her life right now. Considering the circumstances, I do agree with her somewhat, but I was trying to remember what I was thinking 3-4 years ago...also keeping in mind differences of personality.

I think when you're fifteen or so, eighteen seems so far off...even if you do want to be married and have kids, you kind of think, "Well, eventually I'll be old enough to be married, but right now I'm not, so that's that." Or something to that effect... Or you assume that when you're old enough to be married, someone is just going to show up, and you'll be married just like that. And obviously that's not happened, and I'll be nineteen in about four months! ;p (Wow, it's only 4 months till my birthday! This year is going so fast!) And I know several girls, in person and online, who are older than me, but aren't married yet either. I'm not trying to be discouraging or anything to girls younger than me, because some people do get married right out of high-school, but obviously that's not guaranteed.

So my friend was talking about this, and I'm thinking, "But that would be so nice! To be married and have my own house and kids and stuff!" But, apparently that's not what God has planned for my life right now, so I'm working on being content and praying that He would show me what I should be doing with my life now, because there are a lot of different things I could be doing. I could go to school, I could get a job, I could start some sort business, or I could just stay home and continue learning how to be a wife and mother, but I'm trying to be sure I do the right thing. For instance, I don't really want to do more schoolwork, I'm not someone who absolutely loves school, but that doesn't mean it's not what I ought to be doing.

Anyways...just a bit of what's been going through my head recently.

And I got a taste this morning of having little kids. :) My friend M. that I babysit for had an appointment to go get her hair cut, so she dropped the kids off over here, and I had them and Colin to watch. So I had kids ages 6, 4, and 2 to keep track of. :)
And it wasn't too bad really...the main problems I had were the heat and our stupid cat. :p I assume any little kids of my own would be just heat-intolerant as myself, so maybe I wouldn't end up being outside with kids when it's so hot out! :D And of course if it was my own kids I might have sent them out there with strict orders to stay in the backyard, and stayed inside myself...but it doesn't really do to possibly lose other people's kids, you know. ;p

And our cat decided to take off across the street just as the garbage truck was coming up the street, so I had to go get her before she got run over. *sigh* I could do without cats for a while too!! Sheesh...sweet little furry things with no brains. lol! Although...Mom said she was quite happy not to have cats when she got married, Dad didn't even like cats. Well, she made it until I was five, at which point I managed to talk my dad into letting me have "a little kitty". So then she had cats again...and now I have cats that I feel like I could do without! :p

So, apart from the heat and the cat, it went pretty well...

They all had fun too...especially Colin because he got out having to do any schoolwork this way! :) The two boys bossed each other around and the little girl, A., and I played. I think the boys finally got along best when Colin got out his toy guns and they together decided to car-jack the Little Tikes car that A. was playing with. :p So I had to go "rescue" her and we had lots of fun. A. tried to get me to get in the little car, while I tried to explain to her that I was way to big to fit in it...that not even Colin can fit in it anymore. She didn't believe me until I showed her that I couldn't get my feet in, and even if I did, I couldn't sit down! "Oh," she says..."I'm little." Yes, you're little! :)

So that's what I did this morning...and now I need to go write down what I need from the fabric store because Mom and I are going there tonight. Hancock Fabrics has thread on sale, so I want to get a bunch in the colors I use most often, and I've got other stuff to look for too, like lining fabric for a messenger bag I want to make. So I need to figure out how much of that I need, also...I don't have a pattern, so I'm just trying to figure it out on my own! :o


Rebecca said...

Last year I was just thinking I'd deal with being older when I got there, and then not thinking about it at all! But now I'm in this weird place where I'm not really old enough to do anything yet, but I feel like I should be planning something so the second I turn 18 I'll know exactly what to do!

And this year is going by so quickly! It doesn't seem like it was that long ago since I was working last summer, or when we were in Oregon, or when we were buying cheese! :)

Abigail said...

Anna and I just got back from babysitting, I love the things little kids say!

Natalie said...

When was the cheese thing, Rebecca? Around Thanksgiving, is that when you were here last?

I know, Abigail, little kids are so funny!
What I forgot to mention in my post was that our neighborhood cat was hanging around while we were outside and A. was petting it, so the cat's meowing...and she says, "Ooo! It said 'mew'! Ooo! It said it again!" :D I was cracking up! And the cat's looking at her like, "what is wrong with this girl, what does she think I should say?!" :p

Rebecca said...

Yeah, that was right after Thanksgiving. Hence the "Christmas" music :P

Natalie said...

Oh...right...duh! ;p Ah yes, the "Christmas" music...

Rebecca said...

Haha...our "band" should have a "Christmas" album. I like quotation marks.