Thursday, May 01, 2008


...because...well, actually I have no really good reason. Because I've been meaning to get these eventually and they were a really good deal on eBay in the color I wanted, and they're not making them anymore...

They're Merrell Palmettos and they're the slightest bit dorky-looking, but they are SO comfortable. And they're red! They match my toenails:

I've been meaning to get these ever since Mom got some and I tried them on...they are very cushy and supportive, so I'll have some nice sandals to wear that won't make my feet hurt. The only others that work for me are Reef flip flops and those aren't real cheap either.

And I'll pass along what one of my second-cousins told me when we were in Illinois this winter...any shoes by Merrell are good shoes. :p I think he was only basing that on one pair of hiking shoes he owned, but I think he was right! lol! :D

And these have a neat lime green M on the bottom too:

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Ana said...

Ahhh, way neat-o sandals. I don't think they are dorky-looking at all. I think they are cute! And of course, everyone knows that one's shoes MUST match one's toenails. :) It's so fun when that happens. I'm glad you got your neat sandals!!