Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ties: the good and the bad.

Okay, since some of you requested pictures of the ties I got from my grandpa...well, actually I'd already taken pictures, I just hadn't gotten them posted on here because I've been busy watching the AI finale. Woo-hoo! *happy David Cook-like grin* :p

Anyway... some of the ties were along the lines of "what was he thinking when he bought this?" Some of them probably looked good with the shirts that were bought to go with them but on their own are sadly lacking in style. Then there were the basic "tie-patterned" ties... And then there were the ones I thought were cool for some reason or other. I'm really inordinately amused by these's sad.

One lot (that pastel one in there was probably the worst of the lot):

And another:

And then...because sometimes I can be really random, I tried on several of the ties. :p I'm quite proud of my tie-tying skills. I told my mom that and she gave me a very strange look and suggested I go empty the dishwasher. :p

The clip-on ties look especially strange with my t-shirt.

Blue striped clip-on:

Red and black:


Teal with black stripes:

Brown striped tie and strangely patterned teal:

I think this one was the widest one, which is a shame, it's really soft:

And finally, the tie which for some reason I like the most...the red plaid clip-on tie (it could be so punk rock if you put it with the right outfit! :p) :

So yeah...there you go...nothing too terribly awful I guess, but there were an awful lot of clip-on ties...

Just for the record, some girls wearing ties are cute... but I don't think I've to the look to pull it off. :( Bother. And I have such great tie-tying skills! (well, until my male readers say that those are the most badly tied ties they've ever seen.)

So, that's that...some awesome ties and... some not-so-awesome ties. And I apologize for the lame mirror shots...and those brown ties don't show up well on black either.


Anja Lee said...

I wear ties all the time and I think you could pull it of fine with the right t-shirt. But you need to loosen the tie so the knot hangs further down it is not cool to wear the knot tied up to your throat it gives a awful choking look. Oh and clip on ties are not cool! ( which is a bummer because the red one is really punky.

Natalie said...

it is not cool to wear the knot tied up to your throat it gives a awful choking look

I know, that was just to add to the awfulness of some of them. :) Like the teal mom said I looked mad in that picture, but I was just trying to look dignified/stuffy. :D

And the clip-on! Well, if it was with a collared shirt it wouldn't be quite as obvious that it was clip-on, so maybe the plaid one would work...maybe.

abigail said...

You look very enthusiastic in all the pictures... :p

Rebecca said...

Thank you :)

I like the teal one...but that other one is so wide!

Uncle Jim said...

Just a quick note: don't be too quick to blame these ties on your grandpa's bad taste in clothing... I'd be willing to bet that 98% of them came from the Mission, and that he had a hand in selecting only a few of them.

Will said...

I agree completely with Anja, clip on ties are not only uncool, they also can sometimes be painful. I have not worn one since I was like 8 or 9 but growing up clip on ties were a much disliked accessory!