Friday, May 16, 2008

Which browser?



Will said... I like Apple and Safari is better than IE but Firefox really is the best browser.

koragorn said...

Well, thought I would finally stop lurking your blog and make a post since you've been so kind as to post on ours a few times.I have been reading just not commenting, which everyone seems to despise.

I second what William said about Firefox being better then safari and IE. I would choose opera just for the interesting options though.

Natalie said...

Cool, you stopped lurking, Kor! Yep, not commenting=totally, not really. lol! :D

Yeah, I use Firefox...I've tried Safari and just didn't like it real well*gasp*even though it's the Apple browser. I haven't tried Opera, so I don't know what it's like.

Oh, and something that I've noticed, Will...I guess your family calls you "William", but you go by "Will" online and at school and stuff?

Will said...

Yes something like that, people really started calling me "Will" back when I played basketball, it stuck and now most of my friends use it.