Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Okay, as promised, lots of pictures.


Marking for bolt placement:


On some of these I don't remember what was going this one. I look either sad, or like I'm about to fling something at reality I think maybe he startled me because I didn't know he was right behind me. Strange picture:

Or this one...Colin must have been awfully close to getting hit by that 2x4:

Tightening the bolts:

The two sides of the trellis:

Measuring the steps/slats...cross-pieces of wood:

Cutting the slats:

Measuring for drilling:

Colin's not always too good at getting a whole person in a picture :) :

He is a very thorough photographer get lots of photos...although they may not be what you asked for:

Then there were quite a few steps in between that required both of us holding onto the trellis, so we didn't get any more pictures until Mom came out.

Working together:

Colin is getting fed up:

Is he singing or yawning?:

Colin with the finished trellis...ta-da!:

Both of us with the trellis...Colin still has enough energy to look

The carpenter bees were buzzing around the whole time I was working. I mean they were right up in my face! They're obviously very happy I'm building them something to drill! :(

In fact...I just went and took these pictures.

 know what? He's on the same spot he was in yesterday's picture. I think there was a knot in the wood there, so maybe he could get the hole going easier...I wonder if I filled that hole and the other knots with spackle (no, wait, caulk... spackle can't get wet) whether they would give up? Maybe they'd just drill where there weren't any knots?

Drat those bees...I can't stay out there all summer killing them with a tennis racket!

I got the squash planted this morning, although the mums are still in their buckets...I'm going to have to find some where else to put them. There are just too many tree roots to dig where I was planning.

We were at Lowes last night to get some flowers for Grandma and I found some more strawberry plants on clearance. So that's nice...

Oh, Grandma came over yesterday morning before they went to vote...she didn't know anything about some of the candidates, so she was asking us about them. I think she ended up with a list of people to not vote for, because she kept saying "hmph" and other similar disapproving sounds about our choices...whatever. :)
Anyway, we got into a discussion about chickens, and she was going on about how she'd like to have chickens, they raised chickens when she was a kid, and so on... So Mom was telling her we were thinking about having chickens, and even though they're not exactly allowed, as long as we don't have a rooster crowing no one should mind. At which point Grandma wanted to know how we were going to keep the rooster from crowing. We're not going to get a rooster, we explain. And then we had to explain that you don't have to have a rooster to get eggs, you only need one to get more chickens...and I don't think she ever believed us! :p


Rebecca said... are really handy. And I feel like an idiot :)

I miss you guys!

Abigail said...

Wow, those bees get right to it! Nice job on the trellis.

Will said...

Chickens without a rooster are no fun! They do the funniest things whenever they find bugs. :p

Natalie said...

You're not an idiot, Rebecca! You figure out how to do most things that you want to just haven't had reason to build anything. :) You play guitar for goodness sake, and despite the whole "anyone can play guitar" you know how my guitar skillz are! ;)

Thanks Abigail! Yeah, those are some busy little, or rather, big bees.

Well, we're not exactly *ahem* supposed to have chickens in this neighborhood, Will. So they need to not be at all annoying...but then people aren't supposed to have chain-link fencing either and they do, so whatever...but then the fencing is pretty quiet most of the time.

olivia joy said...

Wow Natalie!!! amazing!!! I am very impressed!!! You go girl!!!

Rebecca said...

Sorry...I didn't mean to sound so melodramatic :)