Saturday, February 16, 2008

I can't think of a title Saturday

Wow, it's only 4? I feel like I've gotten a lot done today then!

I got up early: 8 (that's early for a Saturday) and went to the farmer's market. We have a farmer's market only about 15-20 minutes from us, so that's nice. Unfortunately there were only three vendors there today! I was actually going to scope out what competition I would have if I wanted to sell bread there. ;) And I thought I'd buy something if there was anything that looked good.

Well, there wasn't anything I wanted, and none of the vendors who sell bread were there. I didn't really think there would be much going on in the winter, but it's open year-round so I thought maybe I was mistaken. I wasn't. Hmm. I guess I'll go back in couple months and see what's going on...I'd have more time for selling in the summertime anyway.

I also avoided getting hit (that's always good!) on the way to the farmer's market when some guy went half-way through a red light. He really wasn't paying attention because I wasn't off the line the minute my light turned green or anything, so his light had been definitely red for a while! If I hadn't been turning in front of him, he probably would have gone all the way through and never known it.

After that I went to Target to get some stuff and try on some coats. For summer. No, I'm not crazy. :p I want a really light-weight coat to take with me to church and wear when the air-conditioning is blowing super-cold. I usually like air-conditioning, but in the hotel where we meet, the air is either on full-blast and very cold, or it's not on and it gets hot really fast. So really the only good option is to have a coat or sweater with you! I have a basic white cardigan that I've been wearing, but I kind of wanted something different.

Anyway, I was thinking about sewing a coat, but I wanted to try on one of a similar style to see how it looked. It didn't look good. I was looking at a sort of trench coat style, which I would think should work on me. I'm tall and thin, but apparently that just doesn't work with trench coats! Seriously, I put on a trench coat, tie the belt, and it bunches up and I look like I should have a deerstalker hat and a magnifying glass like Sherlock Holmes. Except I look more like the bumbling wannabe detective in some old movie! :D So that idea's out. I'm thinking now that maybe I'll knit a sweater coat or something, or just forget about it and stick with the sweater I've got. Whatever. Just no trench coats!

My next project is going to be the dress I just got the pattern for. I had the fabric already, and the patterns were on sale this weekend so I went and got one.

Which reminds people ever really buy the full-priced patterns? Because they cost about $15 regularly, but I get them on sale for 99 cents or sometimes $1.50. Personally I would never spend $15 for a pattern, but maybe some people do? Anyway, my point is: why don't they just sell them for the lower price all the time?

Anyway, I got the stuff to sew the dress and I think I'll get started on it fairly soon, because I'd like to get it done before Easter. And it's going to be a sleeveless dress, so I'm crocheting a shrug to go over it and I have to get that done also.

I also got a package mailed today, and stopped at Lowes and got fertilizer for our Ficus tree and some Swiss Chard seeds. Ficuses drop leaves all the time, but this time it's really looking sad...I'm hoping the fertilizer will help until we can put it outside in the Spring.

So I feel like I've accomplished a lot today! I even cleaned my bathroom today...and it really needed it. I hadn't had time to clean it since sometime last week, and my little brother shares the bathroom with it needed cleaning! ;) But that's done, so I think I'll go get the clothes ironed for tomorrow and then read some!

Oh, I just wanted to thank everybody for their comments yesterday...even though they bordered on the the overly-congratulatory! I mean, what would y'all do if I really did something spectacular?! :D Seriously though, thank you, and it was pretty cool to be in the paper! If I've got some new readers I hope you find it interesting!

By the way, for anyone who doesn't know, you can leave comments even if you don't have a Blogger account. Just choose "name/url" and put in your name (and address if you have a blog) or just your name, or choose "anonymous" and sign your name. I love getting comments! :)


Olivia Joy said...

Wow, you were very productive today :)

I got up late, Came down in my PJ's and was very disturbed to find a guy visiting!! Nothing more horrible then coming down looking like the latest train wreck victim and finding a guy in the living room!
I did take a shower....and went and visited my sister....and beat my brother playing a card game...Hmmm, this is really lame compared to your day, I shall stop while I'm ahead ;)
Oh, do you mind if I put you on our "friends" blog list?

Natalie said...

Sure, you can add me to your blog list!

Yeah, that wouldn't be much fun to find an unexpected guy when you've just gotten up! :D Or anybody other than family for that matter... :)

mandolinartist said...

My Saturdays usually seem to go by very quickly, and once it hits 3 or 4, it seems as if the day is already over. When I was a child, I had this weird idea that if I could accomplish SO MUCH before noon, I was beating the clock or something.

Beth said...

Inspector look like him?? Just don't go around asking for a "rheum".

I think you should knit a lace shawl.

Natalie said...

I'm not real big on shawls...they're not really practical for me. Too floppy. I need something that can be closed easily, and has sleeves. They look pretty though!

Mandolinartist, I think I kind of look at time that way...mainly because if you get x amount done before noon you have so much more of the afternoon to do something more fun! Like reading! :)