Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some engineers had time on their hands

We've been researching washing machines because ours is probably about to die! Dad has fixed it several times already. He replaced the agitator dogs once, and he's also replaced the springs that the tub is suspended by. I think that's what's going again, and it's not going to be fixable another time. Last time when he replaced them he had to drill new holes, because the old ones were rusted, and I don't think there's anyplace left to drill more holes. It hasn't completely broken yet, last time when it broke the whole tub was slopping's not doing that yet, but it's definitely listing to the side in an alarming way! :)

Anyway, it sounds like we'll probably try to get a Speed Queen washer. We were looking at stuff about the Fisher Paykel washers though to see what the deal was with them, and we found this:

Can Your Washer Do This?

It has an easter egg in it!

So while that's pretty cool, I don't think we're getting one of those...for one thing it wouldn't be very easy to get replacement parts for it and that's pretty important to us. Along with it being a top-loader if possible, and being able to make it use enough water to rinse properly. Stupid water regulations...really there are so many other things they could put the regulations on! Like gas-guzzling SUVs for starters...but I digress...


Uncle Jim said...

Color me clueless, but how would more SUV regulations cut water usage?

Perhaps it's all part of a greater car wash conspiracy?

Btw, I bet that old washer is still fixable if you don't much care what the outside of it looks like.

Natalie said...

It wouldn't. Perhaps I didn't state that very clearly...basically there are water-saving regulations and so the washers are made to use less water when rinsing.

My point was that if they're going to put regulations on things, they should put some regulations on gas-usage while they're at it. I don't really want to have to go around with dirty clothes, or squashed into a hybrid car, but I don't see why they just picked washers to regulate.

I think Dad said the washer wasn't worth fixing, and I think Mom mentioned this in her post about the washer, but what we'll probably save in clothes wear will make up for the cost of the new washer.

Uncle Jim said...

Btw, wouldn't "Agitator Dogs" be a great name for a band?

Natalie said...

Yes, Dave Barry, it would! :)

Olivia Joy said...

Very exciting :0)