Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm NOT happy

I got my hair cut yesterday, by the same lady who cut it last time. Last time she cut it perfectly! And the hair cut lasted almost two months, which is great.

Not this time.

It doesn't really show up in the pictures, but she cut the layers all over the place. On the left side it's all chopped up and different lengths.

I could say that this is partially my fault (I wanted it long, but with layers, so I asked her to leave it long but re-cut the layers up by my face) if she hadn't done such a horrible job of cutting it. Whether or not what I wanted works, she chopped my hair up!

The back has this sort of...pleat (for lack of a better way to describe it):

It's straight and then it all flips out. (And why does my hair always look red if I take pictures in the bathroom mirror?)

I somehow have almost two different hairstyles, because the layers on top are completely separate from the length. In fact, if I pull the length back, I have a short hairstyle. The short style doesn't look good though. Which is unfortunate, because that's about the only thing I could do to fix this hair cut...get it cut short.

Well, guess who will be waiting for her hair to grow out? :( And it doesn't even stay in a pony-tail very well...


Beth said...

Well, at least your beautiful smiling face glows with contentment and detracts from the hair. :)

Natalie said...


Rebecca said...

I love your face in the first photo! And it shouldn't take too long for the front part to grow out enough to pull it all back.

I finally recovered from my Dora the Explorer haircut and sort of want to get crazy choppy layers but I don't want a repeat of last time...

Natalie said...

Hmm, Mom said she hadn't seen that look since I was a baby and was very peeved about something and expected her to do something about it! :D

"Dora the Explorer"!!! Ha-ha! That cracked me up...just don't start acting like Dora or I may have to do I CAN'T STAND DORA!!!

Rebecca said...

What, you don't like her repeating everything three times??

I think you've given me that distressed look before (maybe because I repeated something three times!)...

Natalie said...

"Do YOU see someone with a bad haircut?
You DO?
Where is she?
She's right in front of us!?"

Yeah, that face is sort of the same one you get when I'm very, very tired and whatever you're saying isn't making any sense to me.

It's a "I don't like/get this, but there's nothing I can do about it, so I wish it would stop annoying me" look. lol

Not that you annoy me...not much anyway. ;)