Sunday, February 10, 2008

I need to set up my voicemail!

I thought I heard my phone ringing at church after the service tonight, but I was talking to someone and I thought "No, I'm hearing things, why would my phone be ringing?"

I just remembered to look at it and I did miss a call...I just looked it up on Google and it was the number for the Food Lion grocery store in Walnut Cove, NC. Weird. Very strange.

I'm just glad it was after the service since I forgot to put the phone on vibrate. I hardly ever get any real calls, and anyone who would call me would know when I was in church, but I better remember to turn it off because of all these wrong numbers! Wrong numbers, or someone else had my cell phone number far I've gotten bill collectors, the hospital, and a couple random people. And now Food Lion!

Could somebody really call me once in while?? :D Or maybe I'll just start talking to the people who call! ...or maybe not. Yeah, on second thought, I don't want to talk to bill collectors. ;) Food Lion might be interesting though...


Uncle Jim said...

Maybe your phone just has a mind of its own... it called me on the 6th at 5:33pm. Just two rings, then silence.

I assumed you'd call back if you had intended to place the call. :)

Natalie said...

I wondered if that actually went through! I had just got home and was carrying in a bunch of stuff including my phone in my hand, and I noticed when I set it down that it was starting to dial your number. I stopped it, but I guess it went through. I must have started scrolling up from the bottom when I was holding it, and then hit the dial button...because it's second from the bottom: "Uncle Jim".

Why your number is always the one we accidentally call, I'm not sure! :D You're just lucky, I guess! :)

Will said...

I get almost as many wrong numbers as I do real calls on my phone and for some reason a majority of the folks sound like they have been spending too much time with a bottle if you know what I mean... :/

Olivia Joy said...

Hahaha :) My sister and I were discussing this very problem just this afternoon. She keeps getting a call from some car dealership. It is driving her nuts!
What is really weird is getting text messages from accidental people. We have had that happen...lets just say it was disturbing :)

Lulu said...

You are riotously funny, Natalie. I began perusing through the sites who entered my drawing for the bloggy giveaway and have been truly impressed by yours. Please drop by and pick up a little something left for you at my site.

mandolinartist said...

Email or give me your number sometime... We keep getting calls for a certain family on our home phone, who apparently had the number, maybe even years ago. Some people get snotty when I say they have the wrong number or tell them our last name... I think they are bill collectors. I have gotten wrong numbers on my cell phone before. I remember in college once, I got a call early in the morning, and I almost 'killed' myself getting off the top bunk of bunk beds to get the phone, only to have a wrong number, and at that ridiculous hour!

Natalie said...

Wow, lots of stories about wrong numbers!

Olivia, that would be weird to get someone else's text message...since the person wouldn't even know they sent it to the wrong person!

Will, yeah, we get a wrong number at our house... I'm never quite sure if the guy's in a bar (it's always really noisy in the background, and he's pretty loud!) or if he just has his TV turned up really loud. :D

Mandolinartist, I think we've gotten a few calls where the people obviously thought we were lying when we said that so-and-so doesn't live here! :D
Yeah, I'll give you my number sometime...I don't think I have your cell phone number either.