Monday, February 11, 2008

"I think you have a customer"...

...Or: Monday Miscellanea

Dad took today off so he and Mom could go out to eat this evening, instead of actually on Valentine's Day, when everyone is eating out!

Since he was off today, we went a few places this afternoon. We saw this guy on the's probably not as funny as seeing it in person, but he was driving a tiny little Mazda Miata, and he hardly had room to turn his head with the big hat he was wearing!
One of the places we went was a consignment furniture store where I saw this:
I don't know if it was for sale, or what the deal was with it. There was a roped-off area with things they were saving for something. This wasn't in there, but I couldn't get any closer to it because it was on the other side of the ropes. I was able to get this shot of it through the back of a desk though! :D

If I'm going to keep carrying my camera around all the time, I'm going to have to get a thinner, smaller one! I have the Kodak EasyShare CX7430 and it's not real thin. Actually what I need it a small camera to fit in my purse, and a nice big one that works really well and has a super fast shutter. If I get a new camera sometime, I'll definitely be looking for one that has whatever functions necessary to compensate for my inability to hold the camera perfectly steady! :p I think a fast shutter would go a long way towards solving that problem, because this one is really slow. I don't remember if it has always been this slow, or if it's just developed this problem lately...or if I've just now noticed because before it was just so much better than my 20 dollar point-and-shoot film camera! I have *shudder* dropped it a few times, so that very well may have messed it up a bit, though it seems to work fine other than being slow. So, that's that...if I have the money and I feel like investing it in a really good camera, I'll start researching them, but it's not a big priority right now. I don't have time to do the research, for one thing. I wonder if I could find a camera store and trust them to recommend a good camera, and not just the most expensive one in the store? It would be so nice to be able to do that, instead of all the research online, where everybody disagrees about how well a thing works, and there are twenty million reviews for one camera. Before the internet, you would have had to ask the camera store for recommendations, but I don't know if there's any place (around here at least) with anyone who really knows anything about cameras, and isn't just trained to read the specs on the box, and sell an expensive camera?

And finally, the brownies I made for Sunday. We went over to someone's house for lunch, so I made these cappuccino brownies:
The recipe is here. They don't really taste very much like coffee...I'm not sure if instant espresso powder is maybe even stronger than I thought? I didn't have any, so I used double the amount of regular instant coffee. So they had a very, very faint coffee flavor. It was so faint a flavor that my non-coffee-drinking parents could stand to eat them even! ;) I'll definitely make these again, and I highly recommend the recipe. They taste rather like cheesecake, but with not too much cream cheese...just right!


Uncle Jim said...

Call me crazy, but I'd bet your father knows more about photographic equipment than the combined counter staff of half a dozen stores. When you went to a camera store (or a gun shop, or a car dealer, etc.) in the "good old days," you received the opinion of the blowhard behind the counter. Sure, some of those guys knew their stuff - but if you don't know everything, how do you know if the opinionated bald guy behind the counter is brilliant or clueless?

But... you seek opinions... :)

If your dad doesn't have the answers you need, let me know. I have a couple friends who are active AP photojournalists; they really know the high-end digital SLRs, and also have a good handle on the prosumer market.

Btw, image stabilization features are now available on most mid-range digital cameras. I think they'd do more for you than a faster shutter.

Are you seeing blur in daylight or just when you're using the flash indoors? You may just be having a light shortage - an external flash or a camera with a faster lens wouldn't hurt.

Finally, size really helps when you're fighting camera motion. Sure, a tiny camera will go places a large one won't, but a larger model (or an external battery pack mounted to a small camera) is much easier to hold steadily. You could also try a collapsible monopod; they're a lot lighter and easier to tote than a decent tripod.

Remember that the days of investing in camera equipment have come and gone; all cameras now lose their resale value faster than automobiles, and digital cameras even more so. My Nikon CoolPix 950 was once at the top of the prosumer line; my new cellphone (LG enV) has the same resolution and double the storage space. The 950 doesn't even make a good doorstop. :)

Rebecca said...

Haha, I didn't know you did a Linus impression AND a Schroder (is that who said that??) impression. You're!

The brownies look so yummy! And that hat...oh my! :D

Natalie said...

Yes, I'm sure Dad could help me figure out what camera was best! He hasn't bought cameras for a while, but he'd know what the different features were supposed to accomplish! :) And if we get stumped, I'll ask you to ask the people you know!

Um, flash/blurriness...I'd have to do some the top of my head, I'd say it's happening all the time, but I'm not positive.

Yes, Rebecca, I'm very talented! *snort* Just don't ask me to play guitar.

I still need to record my Linus impression for you! :)

Beth said...

"Those are GOOD reasons!"

You could also ask the photo guys up at your dad's workplace. They have the latest and greatest stuff there, of course, but they probably buy slightly less expensive stuff for themselves.

Will said...

Those cappuccino brownies look amazing! I am going have to convince my sister to make them. :p