Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

Rebecca posted this on her blog.

Ten things for the home that I love:

1. Vacuum cleaner
2. KitchenAid stand mixer
3. Cast iron Dutch oven
4. Zojirushi bread machine
5. Cotton sheets
6. Electric knife
7. White towels
8. Upright freezer
9. Bookshelves, preferably in a library
10. Storage space!!!

Write or link to your list in the comments!


Uncle Jim said...

That electric knife seems to be a consistent feature... :)

Anything in particular that you're just aching to carve with it? I think we use ours only when I bake a loaf of bread; other knives work better for just about everything else you might need to cut.

Natalie said...

Bread. We make all the bread we eat, so yeah, it works better than a bread knife. Bread knives are about useless except for really dense bread and hamburger buns.

It also works fairly well on a baked chicken too, and I think Dad's used it to slice a roast real thin.