Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ugh...on so many levels

1. I'm not quite awake yet, I drank my coffee while I did my Bible reading, and I think my brain's starting to come back online. Oh bother, I just thought of something...

2. I'm tired because I got up really early yesterday and then was on the go practically the whole day, and I didn't sleep enough last night to make up for that.

3. It was rainy and cloudy all day yesterday, which made it even more fun to be out and about (not). I don't like driving in rain.

4. I had a dentist appointment to see the oral surgeon and get my wisdom teeth removal scheduled and he had me watch a little video about wisdom teeth removal that made me more nervous than I would have been if he'd just told me about it.

5. I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out April 22, at 8:20. Big ugh.

6. I can't eat or drink anything for six hours prior to the surgery, it just dawned on me that I won't be able to have my coffee that morning. :(

Okay, so they have this video about the wisdom teeth removal, and what with the "soothing" music in the background, and the angry serious looking "patients" in the video, and all that, I really wish he'd just told me about the surgery. Videos like that make me nervous.
I did a search on them to see if I could find them online...not that they would be on YouTube or anything... but hey, I might as well look. Well, they are on YouTube. Does that seem slightly strange to anyone else? Perhaps not. Anyway, here's the link for them: Informed Consent Videos if you want to see them! :)

Yeah, watch the videos, and then see the marketing ploy behind them: Marketing. Our dentist isn't charging the $900+ that it would take to actually make the $50,000 more per year that they mention, but the price has gone up since last time we talked to them about it, and it's not a whole lot less than that. :( This is the dental office connected with the school of medicine, and since Dad works for the school we get a little bit of a discount, I think. So it would probably cost the $900+ at other places.

You know, actually the going without coffee might not be too bad...I'll just be sleepy, and then I'm be taking pain medication afterward, so any caffeine withdrawal headache would be taken care of anyway. Yeah, I think I'll survive that. But I'm still not looking forward to this. All the more so because my teeth aren't giving me any problems...if I was already in pain from them I'd be happy to get them out of there.

I'm glad I'm getting it done after Easter, because I'll be able to actually eat...and not just mashed potatoes. ;)


Beth said...

Okay, that guy's voice is just too creepy. It sounds like, at any point, his next sentence will be "and, of course, one of the possible outcomes is death".

Is that $900 per tooth? Because, when you figure in what our insurance is paying, they are charging a lot more than $900! Over $500 per tooth, including the conscious sedation which I think is a total rip-off. I had my wisdom teeth sawed out without anything more than novocaine. And then I walked three miles through the snow, uphill, to get back home and slop the pigs.

But anyway.

Rebecca said...

And then I walked three miles through the snow, uphill, to get back home and slop the pigs.

That's not a very nice thing to say about your brothers. Sorry...I'm feeling a little snarky today.

I'll watch the video once I restart my PC and have sound again (I don't want to miss the creepy voice!)

Will said...

My sister had her wisdom teeth taken out and it was quite an ordeal, I don't think she could eat solid food for almost two weeks! Here's to hoping you won't have any issues with their removal. :)

Natalie said...

Ah, NOT encouraging, Will!

Rebecca, I think by the time Mom got hers taken out, it was us she was slopping, not her brothers! :P

Mom, at some point in section about sedation, he does say there's a possibility of it being fatal in some rare cases! Cheerful chap, isn't he?

Rebecca said...

I watched the video...kinda scary!

But I'm sure you won't be one of those rare cases where you never get the feeling in your mouth back...