Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ah, I'm tired. We had a fellowship after church this morning, so we were at somebody's house for quite a while, and then we came home, and then Mom and I went to Aldi. We just got back a little while ago, and I'm about ready to crash. After I write this though, I think I might get the sewing machine set up and do some sewing. I got all the fabric cut out last night, so I just have to sew it all together! Just sew it together...that's all! :P

Actually... my friend just called and I'm going to go babysit at 7! :D But I've still got some time to do something. I think I might still do some sewing, if I get this written quickly.

I didn't get quite as much done this Saturday as I did last week, but I feel like I accomplished a fair amount...and I slept in! Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep...ah, yes, you can probably tell I'm running on caffeine right now! ;) Anyway, I dusted, and vacuumed, and cut out fabric, and cleaned my room...all good stuff! I think I've said before that with the new, hard floor it has to be cleaned more often because the dust collects in big dust bunnies, but when you get it clean you can be sure it's clean. Well, it wasn't looking to great (especially in my room around the piles of library books on the floor) but I got it all clean yesterday. And dusted. I don't like dusting, but I did it, and it looks so nice now. I do like things clean, it's just so hard to keep them that way. *sigh*

Here's my dusted and tidied dresser...I got all the collected junk off of it: know for someone who rarely wears a necklace, and almost never wears perfume...I have an awful lot of both! What's up with that? I have a lot earrings too, but I do wear those.

Check out my sheep/cow:

I wish I could remember where I got that, or if someone gave it to me! I guess it's kind of like a koosh ball...but it's stiffer plastic. Maybe those don't count as koosh balls. Does anyone even know what I'm talking about? These things...I didn't realize they were a trend when they came out. I have least I think I still have it. I hope I do!

Here's a picture of Gracie relaxing:
Oh, and lest you think that little sleepy cat, or the wet cat with the skinny little legs is always a sweet, delicate little fuzz-ball...that little fuzz-ball gave me a bloody nose one time! She's got strong little arms!

Ah, caffeine...lovely stuff, even if it makes me hyper! And even if somebody accused me of twitching this afternoon. I was not "twitching"...I was tapping my fingers from sitting still for too long!

Plus I had this weird pain in my fingers this morning. It went away, but it was really hurting during the service. Ouch. It was my left hand, so it's probably arthritis from when I used to try to play guitar. :p Good excuse anyway, right? "I can't play guitar, I have arthritis in my hand...oh wait, I'm not really old enough to have arthritis."

Okay, I think I'd better shut up before everyone thinks I've gone crazy! It's just the caffeine. Or rather, no, it's the caffeine plus not enough sleep. Because the caffeine on it's own doesn't usually make me hyper.

By the way, the word "caffeine" breaks the rule for which order to put the "i" and "e". You know,
i before e
except after c
or when sounding like "a"
like in neighbor or weigh
And I noticed this because I was spelling caffeine like "caffiene" and the spell-check caught all of them.

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Rebecca said...

I have a lot of jewelry too...but have you ever seen me wear any?? And last time I was at your house I was wondering why you always had a sheep/cow on your dresser...

I had left hand arthritis this morning too! Which is of course why I haven't practiced guitar in so long (sure...)!

Gracie looks so sweet! But she's not fooling me. :D It must be the not enough sleep that makes you go crazy...because I haven't had any caffeine in like 6 months! Have a nice sleep tonight...if you ever finish reading this comment...