Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm glad I don't have to do that very often! First thing, clear the sink of all soap, sponges, dishrags...and take the spigot off the water filter!
I haven't bathed Petunia for over a year. She's an indoor cat, but she does eventually get kind of smelly, plus it helps keep the dust down if we bathe her every once in a while. She's getting old and has arthritis, so I had to be careful to keep her warm and get her dry fast. She really didn't like the hairdryer though! Here she is after I got done drying her:

She's the hard one to bathe, she wiggles and howls non-stop. "Whow. Woa. Woo. Woooow!" And while I bathed her, our other cat Gracie sat on the floor looking at her and bathing herself. In fact, she kept bathing herself up until I put her in the water...I think she was trying to convince me that she was perfectly clean and didn't need a bath!
She did though. She's an indoor/outdoor cat, so while we have to smell her after she's been who knows where outside, if we bathed her every time she smelled we'd have to do it once a week. So she needed it, but she won't get another for a while.

Gracie is really easy to bathe. It's rather like bathing a stiff stuffed animal. She didn't even say anything until near the end, and by then she was just mad. She doesn't particularly mind the water, she just hated being messed with. And to prove how good she is, I got pictures of her without holding on to her!
And a dry cat...she was even more scared of the hair-dryer...but then she's got issues with that sort of thing!


Rebecca said...

AWWWWW! Poor little Gracie!

Andrea said...

"She dove from her place at the window, cast one longing glance at the still-closed bedroom door, and vanished into my closet that I'd left partially open."

Wow...sheer poetry.

Rebecca said...

Oh dear...she copied that into a Word document and screeched at me to "memorize it!" then proceeded to read aloud from your archives. Now she is saying her sewing machine's name is "Machine"...this is like sharing a room with Colin (who she keeps calling "Calin" because of the post about his fifth birthday!) Only this one has more violent tendencies...

Will said...

Haha those pictures of Gracie are hilarious! I have never seen a cat all wet like that! Heh, I am still laughing.... :p

Natalie said...

Um, wow. My cousins are hyper!

Here, since you're already hyper, check this out: DVD easter eggs

See if you have any of them other than the LOTR ones.

Yep, wet cats are pretty funny...they end up looking only about half their normal size! And extremely peeved. :D