Friday, February 29, 2008

I thought I was awake!

I just dug through the shelves in the corner of my room where I thought I'd put the zipper for my dress. I bought it along with the pattern and thread, and I thought I'd left it in the bag and stuck it on a shelf. I looked all over the shelves, considered that I may have to pull them out and look behind them, wondered if it was in the pile of clean laundry at the foot of my bed, stood up straight before tackling looking through that pile....and saw the bag sitting on the dresser behind me.

*smacks head*

Oh well, the good news is at least I found it! Now I can go work on sewing my dress...I've got all the main pieces put together.

The bad news? Smacking my head didn't get this song out of my head: Killer Queen ~Queen

Mom and I both had this stuck in our heads after hearing it first on the radio and then on American Idol Tuesday. I tried to replace it with this song, that I like better: Somebody To Love ~Queen, but now I just have both of them in my head intermittently. Even after listening to my iPod.


Will said...

Haha! Killer Queen, that song cracks me up. :p Somebody to Love is probably one of my favorites from Queen. Have you heard Don't Stop me Now by Queen? I had that song stuck in my head for a solid week once.

Natalie said...

I went and listened to "Don't Stop Me Now", and I'm not really familiar with it, but I think I have heard it before.