Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Meme

Anna Leigh posted this on Life from the Toaster, and I thought I'd do it... some of the songs fit well, and some of them crack me up because they really don't fit! And I realized once again that what's on my ipod is only about 1/3 of what I listen to...I need an iTunes giftcard! And why did I get these ones? Usually it shuffles better than this!

Opening Credits: It's Still Rock And Roll To Me ~Billy Joel

Waking Up: Scarborough Fair ~Simon & Garfunkle

First Day of School: Take It Easy ~The Eagles

Falling in Love: Such A Thing As Glory ~Rich Mullins

Fight Song: Early Morning Rain ~Eva Cassidy

Breaking Up: Ready For The Storm ~Rich Mullins

Prom: Wayfaring Stranger ~Eva Cassidy

Life's Ok: Feeling Groovy ~Simon & Garfunkle

Mental Breakdown: I Boast No More ~Caedmon's Call

Driving: It Ought To Be Easier ~Lyle Lovett

Flashback: He Is The One ~Wes King

Getting Back Together: Love And Peace Or Else ~U2

Wedding: The End Of The World ~John Mellencamp

The Night Before the War: To Keep Love Alive ~Out of the Grey

Final Battle: You Done Me Wrong ~Robin & Linda Williams

Moment of Triumph: Fields Of Gold ~Eva Cassidy

Death Scene: Private Conversation ~Lyle Lovett

Funeral Song: Only Living Boy in New York ~Simon & Garfunkle

End Credits: Light Gives Heat ~Jars of Clay

What about you?

1. Turn on your Ipod (or mp3 player, or playlist.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

That was fun! :D


Rebecca said...

"Driving: It Ought To Be Easier ~Lyle Lovett"

Too true! :D

Natalie said...


It does get easier!...provided you're driving an automatic.

John said...

I don't understand this at all.
What's with all these categories and classifications? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Beth said...

>Waking Up: Scarborough Fair ~Simon & >Garfunkle

Which may be why you have such a hard time getting out of bed.

>Death Scene: Private Conversation ~Lyle >Lovett

This one really cracked me up, for some reason. Not exactly a funeral song. :)

Anna Leigh said...

Wedding : The End OF the World - John Mellencamp

HA! So funny! Glad I wasn't the only one with a interesting wedding song!:)