Thursday, February 21, 2008

My friends amuse me

My friend (who comments as Mandolinartist) gave this to me last night at prayer meeting:
She doesn't believe me when I say I'm fact, a lot of people don't seem to believe me...I must hide it well!

I guess it's sort of a monkey? It's a little, shy, yellow critter. And it fell off my monitor after I took the picture. :p It took a purposeful somersault right onto my keyboard and it typed "m".

For whatever that's worth. ;)


Beth said...

It was trying to communicate with sweet. :)

Maybe its name is Maloney or Mordecai or something like that.

mandolinartist said...

I love crazy mandolinartist friends!

By the way, did you notice I used my REAL NAME on your last quiz?

(Rebecca probably wants a "shy monkey" now! That would be a fun thing for your island!)

Rebecca said...

That's cute! I've got Herbert on my monitor right now (and it's actually on my desk in my room! I'm so excited!)...but now I want a shy monkey :D

mandolinartist said...

Course, I guess he really is not if he is jumping off the monitor and trying to type his name...
(I guess that is like when big guys are nicknamed tiny!)