Wednesday, November 07, 2007


And a blog post... I'm afraid this isn't going to be very interesting. I don't feel like writing anything cheerful and hyper, or witty, or fact I just feel blah today. Blah, confused, depressed, and in need of a hug...but the hug won't help, I just know it won't...see what I mean?
I don't know what my problem is, I don't feel blah physically, just emotionally. If it was physically I'd take a nap, but for once I don't feel like taking a nap, I feel more like getting something, anything done. Which may be why I just ironed the clothes for Sunday, even though it's only Wednesday and I usually don't iron till was satisfactory to get those clothes done... to actually accomplish something by getting the wrinkles out.
I need to go Swiffer the floors...that sounds like fun...
I feel like making cookies, but I don't want cookies and there are still chocolate chip ones from yesterday.

Oh dear, I hope I get over this...I'm hoping prayer meeting tonight will help...getting out...talking to people.

I could sit down and knit I suppose. I probably should, it would be better than pacing around with nothing to do.

Sorry...the ellipses are out of control on this post...but that's how I feel. Sorry to be depressing!

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rebecca said...

I kinda feel like that today too...only I have five billion things I need to get done. I miss you!! *hug*...even though that won't help...