Monday, November 26, 2007

Knitting and more

My Christmas knitting is progressing at a good rate, I have half of one thing done! I'm still deciding on some items, but I'm planning to keep working on what I have set, while debating other things...did that make sense? I'm sort of talking in code because some of the recipients read this blog, so I can't very well blurt out exactly what they're getting!

In finished knitting, my aunt sent me a photo of the sweater I knit for my little cousin!

It's a little hooded sweater, made with an acrylic/wool blend. It should be nice and warm.

I was working on a sweater for myself, from this pattern, but it's on hold until I finish my Christmas knitting, plus I have a feeling it may not be working right. I know I made some mistakes on the border that goes down the front of the sweater, but I'm also worried that the yarn I'm using is too stiff and the sweater isn't going to drape right. But I'll just have to worry about that later!

I went to the dentist today to get my teeth cleaned. I flossed this morning, I'm afraid I'm not in the habit of flossing regularly at all, so of course my mouth was sore. Then she poked and scraped and "measured" my gums...some new thing that she said they started in February, and told me that with the numbers I had I just needed to floss more and use some sort of mouthwash.
When Dad went in a few weeks ago, they thought his were bad enough to do the special treatment they have where they apply some sort of slow-release antibiotic. Which he didn't have them do, because it's ridiculously expensive, and they said he could just floss and use antibacterial mouthwash...which is a lot cheaper!
Personally, I don't think the measuring thing was accurate on me because my gums were sore from flossing this morning...I have a feeling the hygienist is going to be really shocked at how much better they'll be if I just floss...
Can you tell I'm rather sceptical of dentists? :) I will floss, I know I should be, but seriously, people survived for years without having things to measure their gums and such!

Anyway, I've got that done, and my teeth are nice and clean (and sore) and I don't have to go back till July.
Oh, and the toothpaste/polish stuff they used tasted like chocolate! I thought I was imagining it until she asked me how I liked the taste!

It was such a gloomy day to be out today, too. It was cloudy, and drizzling, and least it wasn't too cold.

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mandolinartist said...

Nice sweater. I definitely like the color!