Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It is...

a leak from these that burned:
They have jam in the center, almost all of them leaked out onto the pan...the last batch I put in had plain cookies and big patches of jam. The cookies and the jam burnt... I put them out on the patio because it was smelling up the house and a neighborhood cat thought I was bringing her something to eat...I've got a video of her that I'll post tomorrow...

I picked one of the patches off the cookie sheet to see what it looked like and was surprised to find that it looked pretty cool when I held it up to the light. So that's what that Uncle Jim was the closest...good eye for the burnt fruit! Rebecca and Alice were very close in recognizing that it was some dessert gone wrong, but I think John's answer was the most creative...although if that was a piece off of my car, I would probably not be calmly blogging! :)

That was part of the batch of cookie dough I made...I was going to make half with jam and cut out the other half, but these didn't turn out so good, so I gave up on them and just cut the rest out today. Those were the nicest ones I ended up with...not good!

However, these are the ones I made today:

I'm having trouble getting those pictures arranged properly... Anyway, pumpkins and cats and some squares for variety! :) The cats kind of look like they needed mouths or noses or something...oh well. They'll taste good either way.
Then I put the leftover green icing on some pumpkin cookies that didn't look as well, and ended up with an alien cookie...weird...

And now I think I'll go do this:

Good night!

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Maria said...

Oh, Natalie! I'm so excited that Rebecca has a blog and that she likes HF and Kieth Green! I have to tell Spence! (JK)