Friday, November 30, 2007

Wow, it's almost December!

Okay, so I had something else I was going to blog about, but it can wait till tomorrow.

We went to Lowe's this evening and got our Christmas tree! Yay! We usually get it Thanksgiving weekend, but we were busy.

I was wishing I had a camera phone...then it would look like I was just texting or something, not walking around Lowe's taking photos like a weirdo! :)

The tree we got:
though not the one I picked out... :(

Colin with the tree!

I think they were charging 13 something for these little baskets...I could make those!

We got some poinsettias, but not these:

They even had sparkles!

I thought this was cute:

What do you use these things for? They were probably about 6 inches across! Plastic of course...if they made something that big in glass I'd be more impressed.

And I could make these too, probably:

So we got a tree...we didn't get this...and I managed to refrain from disabling it in some way...

Sorry it's sideways, I didn't realize you couldn't rotate videos...

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