Monday, November 12, 2007

One down... to go. Or 7, or 9, or however many more I end up making for other people! ...I made the mistake of bringing my knitting to church last night, and I got requests. But I've got one glove/mitt of mine done. I guess it's more of a mitt, because it doesn't have fingers at all. I still need to weave in the ends, so I suppose it's not completely done!

I looked around for some more patterns today. If I can knit with dpns and there are more fingerless glove patterns out there I'll definitely make some more! As long as the patterns call for worsted-weight or not much thinner than that, I'm good.

Mom asked me if I could make her some socks; I told her if she could find me a worsted-weight pattern I would! I'm still not up to very, very thin sock yarn, and dpns! My fingers are just too big to deal with that...even on straight needles my fingers cramp up terribly if I use thin yarn.

I like these ones for a fancier pattern:

These ones are similar in pattern to what I'm making, but somehow split at the wrist, maybe, and then buttoned up:

These are very long, but they have a cable pattern running down them:,2025,DIY_14141_4155601,00.html

These are made with bulky yarn, so they'd be even thicker:

These have some nice cable pattern too:
And they come in a guys' version:

And these have fingers, plus you can come up with some sort of phrase that doesn't require more than eight letters and personalize them!

And a whole blog full of fingerless glove that people have knit:

Well, that's all for tonight...


rebecca said...

I love the mitt!! And all the other patterns are lovely too!! I have a small obsession with fingerless gloves/mitts...I like this post :)

Natalie said...

"Small" obsession? :)
Which pattern do you like best?
I was looking at them again this morning and of the two on Knitty, I like the men's version better! Oh wait, there were three on Knitty...well, the two that are supposed to be sort of the same: one for men, one for women.

rebecca said...

I like the ones on Knitty (the women's one...but I do like the guys' version too). I love a lot of the stuff on that site, but it all looks so hard!!