Monday, November 05, 2007

Pet peeve

Well, it's not like it's serious or something, but just a little pet peeve I have. What is it with hedgehogs being mistaken for porcupines, or not mistaken, but called porcupines when they're obviously hedgehogs! :)

This happened first in a Bob the Builder video that my brother was watching. At some point in the video they were picking up trash and the "porcupines" come out and roll down a hill picking up trash on their prickles as they go. Oh, I found the the video on can find anything on there. Bob the Builder: Spring Clean

Then this morning I was reading the comics during breakfast as usual, and one of the comics made the same mistake...and it's obviously a hedgehog...

~The Fretful Porpentine

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...Mom said...

I love the facial expression on the hedgehog/porcupine in the cartoon...a fretful porpentine indeed!