Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reality TV

So we do watch some reality TV...not the really cheesy shows, but we've been watching "The Next Great American Band". Well...some people may think that's cheesy! :)

Anyway, we watched it last night. It's down to seven bands now...they've managed to get rid of most of the really annoying bands. Except for Light of Doom, those kids really, really, need to go...very soon!

I like Tres Bien, Dot Dot Dot, and The Clark Brothers.
The blonde guy in Tres Bien(I don't know what his name is) looks like Ellen Degeneres... Rebecca and I said that, but they even mentioned that on the show last night!

And Adam (he really doesn't look like an Adam) in Dot Dot Dot...looks kind of creepy, but he can really sing pretty well. In fact, all of their band is a little weird... He seems to have managed to calm down after the judges told him he was a hyperactive, emo leprechaun! I love that was perfect! :)

Of the ones I like, the Clark Brothers are probably the most normal!

So I like those three bands best, but unfortunately only one can win... as long as it's not those kids I won't mind too much...

There are videos on the website, so check it out!


rebecca said...

Hehe...I'm not crazy after all (about Ellen...or whatever his name is)!!

I haven't watched the show since we were in Oregon--I keep forgetting to when it's on. But I think my favorite is still Tres they are the only ones I can stand...but I do like the Clark Brothers now that I think about it.

Is Dot Dot Dot the band with the cheerleader-type guy *shudder* as the lead singer??

Natalie said...

It's on Friday nights at 8...we'll probably have to tape it next week!

You mean the hyperactive, emo leprechuan! Yes, but he's calmed down, and suprisingly he really sings very well. I don't like the people really (the girls are kind of uh, I'm not sure what word I'm looking for, and Adam is weird) but I like them as a band...if that makes any sense!

Oh, and they're the ones with the very normal guy who plays two keyboards at once! lol

comfortablycrazy said...

Ive just tagged you with the NaBloPoMo meme.