Friday, November 09, 2007

Fall is falling!

I got out and raked leaves yesterday! There are still a lot of leaves on the trees, but I've been getting out and raking them up before they blow away. I'm putting the leaves in trash bags with some fertilizer and lime and leaving them to compost over the winter.

The leaves are supposed to break down faster if they're in the sun, so I've been putting them at the edge of the backyard because it's sunny down there. Unfortunately, they're very visible down there...I can't think of anyplace else to put them though... I suppose when it starts getting even colder it won't matter one way or the other and I'll just put them somewhere hidden. I've got seven bags already, as you can see, filled up a 3 x 3 x 3 raised bed, and I'll probably still get another 2-4 bags! So that's pretty good. The more leaves I can get bagged, the more compost I'll have in the spring!

I've also gotten a lot done on one mitt:

I just have to make it however long I want it on my fingers, knit the thumb, and it will be done...then I have to make another one! :) I'm making them much longer than the pattern calls for. They are supposed to be 4 inches to the base of the thumb, but I made it 8 inches. I want it to cover enough so that if my sleeves slide up, my wrists aren't cold. I'm pretty happy with how this is turning out! And it's very fast!


andrea said...

Nice mitts! Nice shoes! Nice compost! I'm a little hyper! I also like your new blog colors and stuff. Did you take the picture you're using as a header? It looked like one of the ones you took at Drake Park. It's NICE!!

Natalie said...

Ha-ha! Hyper's good as long as you're not annoying anyone! :D I didn't take the picture in the was one I found online somewhere!

rebecca said...

Good grief...some of us need to calm down a little!!

But the mitts (and shoes) look great! I looked at the pattern and it doesn't seem too hard, so I think I'm gonna try it (once I finish the 5 other knitting projects I have planned...).

Yer Muther said...

From the looks of the trees, you've got more than 2-4 bags left to fall down!

rebecca said...

Some people like to call fall "autumn", but I think it sounds too pretentious.