Friday, November 16, 2007

Okay, I find this really weird and utterly hair has been Southernized. (Blogger is telling me that's not a word...I know it's not a word, but it totally describes what's been done to my hair.)

I got my hair cut when I was out in Oregon...she cut it in layers and texturized it and such. It looked really cool, a different style that I hadn't seen around here much. Okay, that was Hairmasters; the closest one is in Virginia or South Carolina, so no go on that. So after much thinking I decided to just go to Fantastic Sam's. I was thinking about going to a more expensive place that might do a better job, but I decided that on my budget I was just going to have to go with getting it cut at Fantastic Sam's or Great Clips and being happy with how it turned out. I chose F. Sam's because I had a

So...I went there this morning and got it cut. The guy looked at the pictures I'd taken right after I got it cut in Oregon, said he'd trim it up for me, a half-inch or so, and texturize it. So he did that, and it certainly looked like he did the same way the girl did it in OR. But when I got home and dried and styled it, it somehow has this poofy-ish, Southern thing going on...I really don't know how to describe it other than looks sort of like the way a southern news-anchor would wear her hair, or something.

What I'm wondering, is how on earth did he do that?! The only thing I can think of that he may have done different is he may have texturized it further up then it was before. He asked if she'd just done it on the ends, and I said she hadn't, but maybe "ends" are further up than I think! :) It just cracks me up that I get it cut down here, and my "west-coast" layers turn into "Southern layers"!

"Listen!.. I'm a Northerner, my hair needs a different cut!"...anyway, I think if I mess with it enough, maybe put a bunch of conditioner on it, it will calm down. After it grows a bit it should be better too. Altogether I'm happy with it, it's just kind of weird!

I'm glad I had time to get it done today though...we had a bunch of grocery shopping to do today too. My cousins are coming the weekend after Thanksgiving, so we had to get a bunch of stuff. I took Dad to work this morning so could do it all today so that we wouldn't have to go everywhere tomorrow when it's busy.


rebecca said...

LOL!! Nobody believes you aren't from the South! Remember, the three of us are "from the east coast"!! :D

Natalie said...

Well, technically I was! I can't walk into a church I'm visiting and explain to everyone that I'm from N. Carolina, originally from Illinois...anymore than you can try to explain all the places you've lived! lol :D

rebecca said...

You know I try to, though! :D

Uncle Jim said...

Pictures... we definitely need pictures of this "Southernized" hair. :)