Monday, November 19, 2007

Fall colors

Orange:Colin arranged these pumpkins on the bench the other day...they seem to be in order by size. I believe he said that he put them out there for wild animals to possums.
Hmm...they're still there, so I guess either the possums haven't been around, or they don't like small pumpkins. Actually, I don't know if a possum could climb up on the bench or not? I know we have them around here; they like the apple peelings that we've set out on the patio before taking to the compost.

Red:I got my nails done out in fingernails chipped in about a week (which is longer than a home-manicure) but my toenails are still a pretty red color, and shiny...they're painted "I'm not really a waitress" (who comes up with these names?) that Claudia mentioned a while back. I didn't pick it on purpose, I just picked out a red I liked and then looked at the name..."Oh weird, I've heard of this one!"

More red:I finished my gloves! Yay! Sorry for the rather blurry picture...I must be fidget even when I think I'm holding still...because the camera was on my dresser, so I'm the only thing that could have been moving! No wonder I have problems when I hold the camera! Anyway, they're done, and my stuffed zebra helped me with the photo shoot (maybe he was wiggling?) (Good grief, I sound like a little kid...)

Brown:Aren't these adorable? I love them, but I'm not sure if could eat them or not! Although if they were good enough chocolate I'd eat them! :) I can't figure out how big they are exactly...they can't be very big and yet you only get three of them for about ten dollars. They are so cute though... You can get them here.


rebecca said...

My toenails are still painted, too. But my manicure only lasted a few days...I guess guitarists aren't supposed to get French manicures.

The gloves look lovely!!

Like my use of html?!? :D

Andrea said...

Aww!! Those hedgehog chocolates are so cute! I didn't even realize they were chocolate until you started talking about eating them!

mandolinartist said...

Cute! Of course you could not eat them with all of your hedgehogs watching!