Saturday, March 08, 2008

Answers to questions

Okay, so I ended up with 23 good questions...most of them from my cousin Rebecca! Which is strange, because other than my mom, she should know me best! :D Anyway, it's something for a Saturday post. Let me know if any of my answers need clarification.

What is your favorite song? ~Rebecca
Oh, tough one. I like a LOT of songs, and I can't really think of one favorite song! Anything that can be turned up loud in the car?
Hmm...I'm going to go with two that I personally like, but there are so many more.
She Drives Me Crazy ~Fine Young Cannibals. This came out in '89, and Dad jokingly calls it "my song". :) Lyrics
Green Eyes ~Coldplay

Can I have your meatloaf recipe? ~Rebecca
Sure, let's see...

2 eggs
A splash of milk
A couple squirts of ketchup
1/4 t. marjoram or oregano
1/2 t. thyme
1 t. salt
1/2 t. pepper
1/2 t. onion powder
1/4 t. garlic powder
2 t. worcestershire sauce (optional)
1 c. bread crumbs
2 lbs. hamburger

Beat eggs slightly with a fork, add milk as necessary to loosen the eggs up. Add ketchup, marjoram, thyme, salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, and worcestershire sauce. Mix, then add bread crumbs. Mix together with hamburger. Form into loaves, and bake at 425' for 45-60 min.
Makes 2 medium loaves

That's about what I's not real precise. As far as the liquid goes, (milk, ketchup) you kind of have to go by how it looks. Bread crumbs work better than cracker crumbs, they make the meatloaf more tender.

What is your favorite subject to read? Why? ~Mandolinartist
Hmm...good question. A tough one, like the music question...I like so many kinds of books. Fiction, and probably mysteries. Why? Because...they're logical, it's a problem that has to be solved. I guess. I just like them! :D

If you could only 'do' one hobby, what would it be? ~
Oh boy! Uh, probably can make a lot of knitted stuff...although cross-stitching is cheaper. I'm going to say knitting though.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? ~
Great Britain. In the US, Oregon.

Who is your favorite blog reader? (Just joking,don't answer that...) ~Mandolinartist
Why, Mandolinartist, of course! :)

If you had an exotic pet, what would it be? ~
A hedgehog. Or perhaps some sort of lizard.

If you
were an exotic pet, what would you be? ~Uncle Jim
Lunch for the cats probably! :D Or very stressed.

Is there some hidden meaning why your blog is called "The Shrubbery"? ~Will
It comes from the movie "Monty Python and the Quest For the Holy Grail". The "knights who say 'ni!'" want... A Shrubbery! And you can watch the clip:

Who should I vote for? ~Rebecca
Hmm...I really don't know! Oh, how about: Daniel Gilbert :D He seems to be from Winston-Salem...
I really don't know who I'm going to vote for...and wait, you can't vote this year! :)

What is your favorite car? ~Rebecca
Well, I really liked Aunt Nancy's Honda CR-V, but I like our Taurus too. How about a Ford Taurus with a CD player, volume controls on the steering wheel, and the parkability of the CR-V? Or a CR-V as dependable as a Ford, and with comfier seats. There probably is a Ford version of the CR-V...

What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? ~Rebecca
Samoas!!! Love those things! The Edys Samoas ice cream is pretty good too.

How do you feel about left-handed guitarists?
It looks strange when they're playing, but they get major points for having to do everything backwards! :D

When is Gracie's birthday?
April 12th...I think? Not exactly of course, but the one we've given her.

Would you wear yellow Chucks?
Ooo, I don't like yellow, but I like :)

Can we play Dutch Blitz??
Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a way to play it online?! I wish I knew how to create something like that!

What is Oleo? ~ Andrea
Disgusting fake butter stuff...and very often the answer to a crossword clue.

What have you got against the color yellow? ~Andrea
I just don't like it for some reason...I'm not really sure why!

What color hair does it say you have on your license? ~Jim
Brown, but it's actually gotten lighter since the time I got my ID card, which is when they decided what color my hair was!

What kind of sewing machine do you have? ~Andrea
I use Mom's Bernina sewing machine. It works great!

What color should we paint the kitchen? ~Mom
Moose Mousse

What should we put over the cabinets? ~Mom
Red or beige pottery, red glass stuff, a few (only a few!) baskets?...I'm not sure...I have trouble coming up with over-cabinet decor.

Why does my head feel so groggy? ~Mom
You have a cold. Your co-pay today will be...


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the recipe! My permit says I have brown hair too! David Cook is left-handed!

Nice answers...were you kidding about the moose mousse, though?? Why don't you just paint it yellow?

Natalie said...

Your hair is brown! And yeah, David Cook is who I thought of when you asked that. :)

No seriously, that's the color of the paint in my bedroom. We have some left over and I think it would look good in the kitchen. Fitting too, don't you think? Mousse? (Ignoring the moose part.)

Rebecca said...

I knew what color it was...I wasn't sure whether or not you ended up liking the color. I think it would look nice in the kitchen, though.

Will said...

"Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing!" :p I should have realized the answer to my question right off. There used to be a talk radio host who used "She drives me crazy" for his theme. Whenever I hear it I think of him. It is Funny how your mind will affiliate songs with certain things or people.