Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday meandering


There. Now that I've clearly stated that (not that I can really do anything about it if I do get sick) Mom and Dad now have the cold that Colin had last week. They were getting sick Friday, and by Saturday they were definitely under the weather. So I ran errands, went to the grocery store and got groceries, and went to Lowes and Home Depot to get storage boxes and packing materials for the new dishes we got.

I also found a nifty red translucent trashcan on clearance, and got that for Colin. He stood in in his cheap plastic trashcan at some point and broke it, so he needed a new one, and this was a great deal. They seem to charge an awful lot for a simple trashcan! I glanced at the trashcans at Lowes, and there was nothing Colin would like, plus they cost more than they were worth. I did have to explain to him that it was in fact red, just translucent, because when I got home and told him I got him something, and produced the trashcan, he said "Oh, it's pink...". Sigh. Not a good start! :)

Anyway, I got some great 18-gallon Rubbermaid boxes on sale at Home Depot, and foam dish envelope thingies at Lowes, and we got the new dishes all washed and packed up. And this morning I rid the house of all the cardboard boxes the dishes came in and put them out for the recycling. So chances are, we'll need a cardboard box within the next few weeks, and of course, won't have any! :D

I went to church by myself yesterday...which felt a little strange, but I enjoyed the silence. Well, not silence, the time in the car by myself with my ipod set to play the Christian music on it. So many great songs, I can't even put one on here as being my favorite, I enjoyed them all! :)

After the morning service I stopped at Walgreens and got sinus medicine and Tylenol, and shortbread cookies. :) Errand of mercy for the sickies.

Dad is usually in charge of bringing the offering box and the recorder for the sermon, so I had to do that yesterday. Dad called one of the men that usually helps him with the deposit and stuff, and asked if he could take the box after the service and bring it to the evening service...well, he forgot, so I had to deal with it. Not a big deal, but still... Mom was more worried about my having it in the evening, because the neighborhood around where we meet in the evening isn't real great. So I made sure I went out to the parking lot with another family.

I had a big discussion with my friend (mandolinartist) and her husband last night about blogging. Her husband, Scott has a blog and we were discussing how to change the colors on it, and how if you're going to post a huge discussion of theology, it might be best to split it up into several smaller posts, etc. :) I think I'm going to have to go redesign the blog sometime, he likes purple, so I told him I could probably come up with something with some purple in it! :)

I'm trying to redesign mine right now, I've got another blog just for testing colors, and I'm working on a new design for spring. The problem is that the green background I picked looks like a sort of blue/sage green on a PC, when what I'm going for is a springy-green, which is what it looks like on my Mac. Hmmph. Dad found a green that works on the PC, but I'm going to go blind if I have to look at it, because it's shocking lime green on my computer! Very annoying. Dad told me to wait and let him see it on a computer up at work, because maybe the laptop he was looking at is showing it wrong. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. :(

Well, I'd better get going. Dad's feeling so bad, he didn't go to work today. I think he's eating lunch now, but he was sitting on the couch trying to work on a flier for a conference, and intermittently coughing and groaning. I'm not sure how much of the groaning is because of the flier, and how much because he's sick. I don't think I want to know actually. :(

Oh, and I couldn't sleep last night for various reasons, probably partially because my body thought it was an hour earlier than it was, and the mess in my room was getting to me, so I got up and cleaned my room. My parents decided (justifiably) that I was crazy and went to bed. :D But I got my room clean, and it was nice this morning to wake up to a clean room. Well, clean minus the three piles of clothes sitting around the room. One I have to find room for somewhere, one to put in the laundry, and another to send to Goodwill.

Which reminds me...I have way too many clothes, so I intend to not buy more than three items of clothing between now and the end of the year. I'm allowing three items, in case I actually need some clothes, plus I would like to find a red short-sleeve shirt to go with a skirt that I got from my friend. Or maybe I should save it for next year. I have too many clothes. I really should just save it, and then I'll have a new outfit for next summer. So, Rebecca and Mom, if I tell you I got more clothes, or mention wanting more clothes, please yell at me, and tell me not to. Thank you. :)

Ah, I was going to mention something else, but I've forgotten it. Bleah.

Have a good Monday everyone! Oh wait, it's 1 already... uh, a good rest of the Monday. Or just be glad it's halfway over.


Rebecca said...

I don't know what to do about my blog...I really want to change the colors, but I'm having an extremely difficult time with the new template and am considering switching back to the old one. Maybe I should be whining about this on my own blog.

Clothes...ugh. I am trying to be more careful when I buy them so I can have a very small wardrobe full of things I like and can mix and match. For some reason that doesn't seem to be working though...

Natalie said...

So there isn't any way to change the individual colors on that template? Like the blue, and the brown can't be, say black and gray for example?

If there isn't any way to change that one, I would recommend going with the template that looks like mine. I ended up with that one because it is fairly simple and you can just add little elements to it. What didn't you like about it when you had it before?
If you went with that one, I might even be able to test things out for you, and find you the html code for them.

Yeah, clothes. The problem is, I buy some stuff, but a lot of the stuff I've got has been given to me new, or passed on to me, so I have neat stuff that I like, but nothing that it goes with very well. :( So I think I need to just make the stuff I've got work, goodness knows I have enough clothes, even if they don't all coordinate perfectly! And they don't have to be perfect.

I just remembered that my three items is going to have to include fabric for flannel pajama pants. I made summer pajamas last year, so this year I need to make some new winter ones. But I'm going to stick to the three items, really, I am! :D

Rebecca said...

I can figure out how to change the blue, except for this annoying blue border around the white! I tried everything but couldn't figure it out! I know how to change the color of the text and the brown part, too, and most of the orange...but it is really confusing. I think I'm switching back to the other one. The only thing I didn't like about it before was that it is all one color, so I couldn't use a really bright one. But I think if I could figure out how to put a photo in the header that wouldn't be a problem.

I think maybe the problem is that I need Blogger.

Olivia Joy said...

Just this morning I made the mistake of saying "I think I'm coming down with a slight cold."
Anja jumped up from her seat and was soon rattling off a bunch of stuff she was going to give me "You can drink a quart of padiarco(sp?) tea and have garlic in applesauce three times a day, Echancia (sp?) is a MUST." The list went on. Now I am regretting saying anything-when will I ever learn???

Lol, just the other night it was really late and when I trudged up to my room it was an absolutely disaster! Even though it was so late I decided to stay up and clean it up, Anja rolled her eyes at me :P But it felt so good in the morning :)

Will said...

The fact that colors look different on various computers is very irritating! It also can depend on the type monitor and what the colors are calibrated to. I remember when I was working on my current blog layout and I got all the colors I wanted, then I visited it while I was at work and almost blinded myself.

Natalie said...

Will, it's amazing how much of it is just the difference in computers. Dad has his computer at work set up so that he can switch between a Mac and PC, but use the same monitor, and he said that makes a big difference right there!

Of course, if everyone had Macs, I could just go with the green I picked out, and it would look fairly close on all computers, but that's a different subject... :)

Oh, I know, Rebecca, I should send you the link to my test blog, and have you tell me what it looks like!

I could probably figure out the html for you to put a picture in the header...maybe. I could try! :)

Or you could get Blogger. *hint, hint, Uncle Jim*

I'm trying to remember if I ever put a header in before Blogger added all the automatic ways to change your blog.

Natalie said...

Sorry Olivia! For some reason I didn't get your comment in my email, so I didn't see it till I pulled up the dashboard.

Just take a vitamin C. :) And wash your hands a lot if someone else in the house it sick. My hands are all dry from washing them! :D

And if you do get sick, I find that drinking lots of tea makes me feel better. I know water is supposed to be good, but it doesn't feel good to swallow it. Tea is hot, so it goes down easily and makes your throat feel better.

Hopefully you just won't get sick, of course! :)

Yay, I wasn't the only one up cleaning her room! What time were you up cleaning? And isn't it nice to have a clean room? I just wish I could keep mine clean to begin with! :(

Olivia Joy said...

I was cleaning mine at 11:00pm It was so dirty that I didn't collapse into bed till about 12:15am It was so worth it though!!!

Natalie said...

Ah, I didn't end up going to sleep until about 2! Although for the last half hour/ hour I was in bed looking at a magazine. And I fell right to sleep after that.

Of course, that's because I didn't even try to go to sleep the first time until pretty late! I don't like the time change! :(

mandolinartist said...

Yeah, I know you drove yourself yesterday. I wasn't going to mention your "hot-rodding" out of the parking lot!

:-) :> ;}0

Natalie said...

My what?

Ha, you weren't there yet last night when Lydia came up to me and demanded, "Natalie Roth! Why did you drive to church by yourself!?!" In full accusing tones. Why, I'm not sure.

mandolinartist said...

Ask the interpreter!

(I heard Lydia talking about it in the hallway even when I was already sitting down in the church!)

Natalie said...

Oh, I knew what you were just teasing me. So I was just getting peeved about it. :D

She was still talking about it later?! What did I do?!!! She doesn't make a big fuss about Jess driving herself to it just because it's different for me to be going somewhere without my family, and to a 4-year-old that's a totally novel idea? :)