Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Spring, or almost, isn't it?

My allergies are starting. Every time I've moved today it's felt like my head was in a cloud. Surprisingly, I didn't have a headache...that didn't catch up with me till about half-way through a hot dog at Costco tonight. Oof, nothing like a headache to make your supper taste good. Not.

So by the time we got through Costco and got home, I had a lovely sinus headache going. Thankfully, after two sinus pills, a Tylenol, and a hot shower I'm feeling much better.

I know it's allergies because we've had the windows open, and I've been outside...and they just said on the news last night that the cedar trees were the cause of most of the pollen, and cedars are what give me the most trouble.

Ah, I think I'll go find my ipod and crochet for a while. It's either that or pick out a seam I messed up on my sewing. My crafting is not going well, if you hadn't noticed. :) Yeah, seam-ripping does not go well with the remains of a headache...crochet it is.

I was going to blog about our big kitchen decor discussion, but I don't think it will make much sense if I try to write right now... case in point, I just about wrote "try to right write now". Right. Or wrong...or... Oh I abhor headaches!

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