Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ten Things Questions Tuesday

Okay, so my cousin Rebecca usually posts a "Ten Things Tuesday" post. But she didn't this week, and I can't think of any ten things, so instead I'm going to ask my readers to ask me ten random questions!

They can be questions about me, or just random questions you want to hear my answer to, or whatever!

Um, I'm going to say that you can ask multiple questions. But if you have multiple questions put the question that you'd most like answered first in the list. That make sense?

Okay, ask away! I'll post the questions with my answers on Saturday, so basically you have until then to ask questions.


Rebecca said...

What is your favorite song?
Can I have your meatloaf recipe?
Who should I vote for?

Rebecca said...

Oh...and should I switch my blog template back to the one that looks like Blogger? Because I can't change the colors very well on the new one. And they are getting boring.

Beth said...

Why do we have to wait till Saturday for answers? Do you realize it's only Tuesday? Am I asking these questions before Jim gets a chance to?

Uncle Jim said...

Beth, Beth, Beth... your daughter has obviously joined the ObamaNation. Speak slowly, and use small words like "spare," "change," and "Rezko."

After all, we can't expect answers in such a short period of time! Sheesh!

mandolinartist said...

-What is your favorite subject to read? Why?

-If you could only 'do' one hobby, what would it be?

-If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

-If you could travel anywhere in North Carolina, where would you go?

-Who is your favorite blog reader? (Just joking,don't answer that...)

-If you had an exotic pet, what would it be?

Uncle Jim said...

-If you were an exotic pet, what would you be?

Will said...

Is there some hidden meaning why your blog is called "The Shrubbery"?

Rebecca said...

Do you want some soup??

Natalie said...

Uh, I think I'll pass. Thanks anyway...I guess.

I'm not answering questions till Saturday, so people have time to ask all they want. And I'm getting some good questions!

Rebecca said...

It was actually REALLY good! We ate it all :)

Han said...

Meatloaf, Natalie...and by the way, my mom did say that the lady I mentioned last night makes the best meatloaf...=)

Natalie said...

Meh. I still think you haven't the right kind of meatloaf. Or maybe you're just weird! Kidding! :)

Han said...


Rebecca said...

What is your favorite car?
What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
How do you feel about left-handed guitarists?
When is Gracie's birthday?
Would you wear yellow Chucks?
Did you remind Elijah to put on a sweater before he left?
Can we play Dutch Blitz??

Sorry...I'm out of sane questions.

Rebecca said...

What is Oleo? (from Andrea)
What have you got against the color yellow? (also from Andrea)
What color hair does it say you have on your license? (from Jim)
What kind of sewing machine do you have? (from Andrea)

Sorry...I really tried to get one from John!

Beth said...

What color should we paint the kitchen?

What should we put over the cabinets?

Why does my head feel so groggy?

Are these questions supposed to be about you? What if I already know everything about you?

What don't I know about you?