Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beatles, take two

Okay, Idol recap, and I'm going to eat this while I type. Don't worry, chocolate doesn't keep me awake :) :

Amanda ~Back In The USSR
Um, a typical Amanda performance? Mom couldn't remember if she'd heard this one before, and she couldn't tell from this!

Kristi ~You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Oh, I have heard this before...it just didn't sound quite like this. I think it was too low for her.

David A. ~The Long And Winding Road
Okay, he did better this week, but he's still not a favorite of mine

Michael Johns ~A Day In The Life
Where have I heard this recently? It was alright...I think it was too long of a song to try to squash into the time he had, but it wasn't too bad

Brooke ~Here Comes The Sun
Ooo, not a good key for her...and she really seems most comfortable with an instrument to play (a lot of the contestants this year do)

David C. ~Day Tripper
Hmm...not as good as the original. Still pretty good though, and the voice-box was a cool touch. And speaking of touch, David seemed to be trying to keep Ryan from touching him. "No! I'm good!" as Ryan tries to help him up, and then using his guitar as a barrier between them. He finally accepted a manly hand-shake, but then went stiff when Ryan patted him on the back. :D That just cracked me up for some reason! Not that I blame him...

Carly ~Blackbird
Not bad...once again, a little bit too low. Perhaps Beatles songs are just not good for women to sing?

Jason ~Michelle
I hadn't ever heard this song before...I liked it, but it was funny how Jason sounded like he was quoting the French part! And as Paula said, it sort of turned into a polka all the sudden! What?! Paula said something that actually made sense? Wow, what just happened?

Syesha ~Yesterday
Ugh, she messed with the melody, and somehow the Beatles managed to sing that song without sounding suicidal and emo....she didn't.

Chikezie ~I've Just Seen A Face
I hadn't heard this one before either, so maybe he messed it up when it turned into a bluegrass song, but I thought it was pretty good! He seemed to be having fun with it!

Ramiele ~I Should Have Known Better
Ugh, not good.

I voted for David C., Jason, and even a couple times for Chikezie. Not bad.

The brownie is gone:



Beth said...

Apparently eating chocolate helps you focus. :)

Natalie said...

Uh, yeah, I just took the pictures and didn't look at them before I posted them! It gets the point across...I just wouldn't recommend enlarging them. :)

rebecca said...

Last week I was like, "David A. should have sung The Long and Winding Road!" because the sort of choked up part at the end sounds a lot like him :)

Our power was out between Michael and Ramiele. Urgh. From the recap it looked like I missed an amusing Jason song :(

Natalie said...

Jason: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsGUT5dcRns

And David C.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIfu_qN8YxE

mandolinartist said...

Uhm... so I see the name "Amanda," and I am trying to figure out what you are trying to tell me... Then I look back at the heading... Then I begin to scroll... Oh, it must be American Idol Mania... and she would write "Mandolinartist" if she was talking to ...

Natalie said...

Yeah girl! I'm trying to tell you to sing better!! :P Kidding! :)