Thursday, March 06, 2008

What I'm doing

I made baked chicken for supper tonight, with scalloped potatoes, and broccoli. Mmm! I didn't get any pictures of it though...I made chicken sandwiches last week, but I didn't get any pictures of those either, because they disappeared too fast! :D

I decided to go with this pattern for my shrug: Crochet Bolero It's working out really well...when I get a little more of it done, I'll take a picture of it. The yarn it calls for is a little bit thinner than what I'm using, but I crochet really tight, so it's coming out the right size.

I just realized that if I'm going to get this shrug and dress done by Easter, I've only got sixteen days! Eeep! I'd better get going! I'm almost done with the dress though, so that shouldn't take too long.

I'm going to take Dad to work tomorrow so I can have the car. A homeschooling mom in Kernersville is getting rid of her huge stash of yarn, and she's selling it for 25 cents a skein!!! Anyone need some yarn?! :D Like, my knitting cousin? Do you need some yarn, Rebecca? :)

And then sometime I need to drop by my friend's house, because she has some clothes she wanted to pass on to me. And I'll pick Dad up from work, and then I'm picking up one of my other friends after supper and we're going ice-skating with some of the other people from church! Yay! So I'll probably be stiff and sore on Saturday, but it will be fun! :) But it's sounding like a busy day tomorrow, because I've still got all my normal stuff to do! *yawn* And of's supposed to be raining. Why does it always rain when I have places to go??!! :(

Anyway...I should probably go crochet or something...

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Rebecca said...

Yay! Yarn!