Monday, March 24, 2008

New washing machine!

We've got a new washing machine! Or rather, it's being delivered right now. We ended up getting one of the Fisher & Paykel washers...the one that plays music in fact. Mom and Dad decided not to get one of the Speed Queen ones after they went and looked at one. It was the same price as the Fisher & Paykel washers, but the controls felt like they would break easily.

On Friday our old one started making this awful squealing sound when it started spinning out. We were just going to let it finish and endure the noise, but then Dad went and looked at it said that we needed to turn it off because it was smelling like hot rubber. Not good!

However, we were able to take our laundry next door and use Grandma and Grandpa's washer. It can be helpful to have relatives living next to you! :p So we were able to get some laundry done, but Grandma told us not to get the kind of washer she's got. Apparently it holds a lot of clothes, but it isn't strong enough to deal with them, because when I went back over to get the load of dark clothes (lots of pants and jeans) she said it had gone out of balance and she'd had to sit on it to keep it from bumping. (It didn't dawn on me till later that she said she'd sat on it...but anyway!)

I re-leveled it, I don't think they realized that you have to tip it forward and reset the back legs every time it goes out of balance, because they said Dad had leveled it when they first got it.

I'm not sure if we're going to be able to use the new one yet, Dad is trying to get it level, but he needs to leave for work, so it might have to wait until tonight. It doesn't seem to be adjust one leg and it starts wobbling, but if you compensate for that, it's off in the other direction! I think Dad's about to just leave it like it is and call it good. :) We'll see.


Beth said...

It was the same price as the Fisher & Paykel washers, but the controls felt like they would break easily.

The decision was just a tad more complicated than you're making it out to be. :)

I like that video in your old post..."Yeah, that's right...Fisher and Paykel, the true geek's washer and dryer!"

That's us...true geeks.

rebecca said...

Oh my...I can't quite picture Grandma sitting on a wildly bucking washing machine :D

Uncle Jim said...

Your new washer has a four-leg independent adjusting system, which is certainly a pain to setup the first time. However, once it's done, it should also stay put - tipping the washer won't do anything to those thread-in adjusters.

Natalie said...

Yeah, that's what Dad can't adjust it, but those other feet are why you have to always re-set it. He got it level finally, or close enough. It seems to be doing fine when we're using it.

Mom, I didn't feel like boring people with all the little details...or writing them out so early in the morning! :D

Rebecca, you can't?? ;) Yep, that cracked me up when I was thinking about it later!

Will said...

So have you had it play music for you yet? :D

Natalie said...

No, not yet! :D I shall have to take a video of it if it works!