Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hi again

Why is this my fifth post for today? Why have the last three been short, very random posts? Why on earth am I asking myself questions? What is wrong with me?!! Ugh!

Anyway, this is some random photos, some I took, and some Colin took. It was a little chilly and gray outside, but I headed out because I desperately needed some fresh air. My head seems to be in a fog today, and I hate it when that happens!


Colin...hmm, little dude could use a bit of a haircut:

Uh, me...I didn't realize he'd taken this even:

You can't really see what my hair is doing in that picture...actually in that picture the wind must be blowing because it looks like it's taking off! :p Anyway, I figured out that if I blow-dry my hair straight, the haircut I got will actually work. I did it that way a couple Sundays ago, and got several complements on it, so that's good...I think I'll just have my friend cut it for me after this. I'm sure she can get it to do what it's doing now.

The fort:

My friends and I built that fort about 4-5 years ago...that's only about a third of the height it used to be. Most of it's been taken apart to use in the garden. Wow, it used to look pretty impressive...and we worked really hard on it. It had a bench running all around the inside even. All made out of bricks. :(

There. I won't post any more today! :P


rebecca said...

Now where are we supposed to hide when John taps on G&G's window?? :D

Olivia Joy said...

*gasp* Do you like converse?????
I L-O-V-E converse!!!!
I have a bright (emphasis on the bright) pair of orange ones and also a green and pink pair. Them and Rocket Dogs are almost the only shoes I wear.......My family doesn't like it when I try to wear them to church or weddings.....I'm not sure why, orange is such a happy color for a wedding!!!

On another note--I feel like I haven't been to your blog in forever :) 5 posts in one day!!!
Wow :)

BTW, my sister has an red pair and a black pair, sadly she is about 5 sizes larger then me :) (she shops in the men's shoes :) haha, just kidding :)

Olivia Joy said...

I forgot to say this in my last post (or I should say scream it)
You guys are so lucky!!! We are still under.....lots and......lots and......lots of snow :(

Natalie said...

Yeah, I love Converse! I wish I could get all the different patterns and colors! :D lol!

I do wear regular old running shoes too, but I like my chucks.They stay on my feet for one thing...I have difficult feet. :(

I've got the green and pink ones too! I got them from Rebecca.

Ha-ha, I wear mine to evening church...although I've gotten some comments about that... :P

Hey, I've got big feet too, I usually wear a 9 or 10. That's one reason my feet are "difficult"...it's SO hard to find dressy shoes that fit/stay on my feet/are comfortable.

Yep, the daffodils are blooming. It's funny, even just a little further south, near church, the daffodils were blooming earlier! Wow.

Rebecca said...

We have snow and daffodils here.

And this has nothing to do with anything, but feedjit has just decided that I live in Cincinnati again...

Natalie said...

Yeah, and it's decided we live in Lewisville. :D

Will said...

:p I was actually going to comment on the shoes too! I agree with Olivia that Converse rocks. Which black version do you have? The ones with the white sole and red stripe or the black sole version? The only problem I find with their while sole versions is they seem to collect mud :p

Natalie said...

Mine have a black stripe with white soles...I don't think I've seen the ones with a red stripe.

I've gotten the impression that they're generally supposed to be a little dirty...I've been told mine are too clean! lol I have problems with getting mud stuck in the bottom of them, because the diamond pattern holds the dirt. :(

Hmm...I should blog about my shoes. Yeah, there's my blog post for tomorrow. :D

rebecca said...

I've been told mine are too clean!

Who told you that?

Andrea said...

Ha-ha! Mine are so worn out they are completely smooth on the bottom, like vinyl or something. Very easy to keep clean!

Han said...

I, for one, thought that the original haircut looked pretty cute...by the way, who told you that your shoes are too clean...? When I think Converse I think Mr. Mcdonald...sorry, Natalie! =)

Natalie said...

Ronald McDonald doesn't wear Converse! Those are clown shoes!

The Little boys said my shoes were too clean...and that's who laughed at me trying to skateboard. Whatever.

Maria said...

Clown shoes...Converse...it's all the same...

Maria said...

Oh, yeah...when did you try to skateboard?