Thursday, March 20, 2008

We want a...calzomboli?

For supper tonight I made calzones...or stromboli. Or a combination of the two. Apparently calzones have ricotta cheese in them (these didn't), but stromboli aren't shaped like that. It's a calzomboli! :) Whatever it's called, it's basically pizza with crust all around it!

I've gotten one half of the front of my shrug finished...which means I still have the other side, the back, and the sleeves!

You know, when I broke my finger two years ago, I wasn't even sure it was broken...I figured I'd just jammed it good. The ball hit the tip of my left pinkie, which really, really hurt, and it swelled up a lot. But I looked online and it sounded like it could just be jammed, not broken, so I just kept taping it. The looking online was not such a great idea though...I don't usually get queasy about broken bones and stuff like that, but if it's something that could be wrong with me I get to feeling bad.
So I'm looking at this stuff, and then I go to tell Mom what I've found out about it. Well, I walk into the bedroom and Mom says, "Are you alright?!!" "Uh, not exactly," I say, "I was researching swollen fingers." "You're green!" says Mom. :D

So that didn't go so well! Anyway, I had to go to the doctor later that week to get some shots, so after she's all done with the shots and stuff, I say, "Oh, by the way, this is hurting", and show her my swollen, taped finger. Well, she looks at it, and says, "Yeah. That's broken. I'll get you a splint for that." Okay then! :p

So she got me a splint that I had to wear for about a month, I think. She said there wasn't much else they could do. The second joint in my finger was broken, but as long as it wasn't fractured further down in my hand the splint would be enough. So I wore the splint for a month, and occasionally after that even, and it was stiff and hurt sometimes for about a year! It still aches occasionally...I've probably got arthritis in that finger or something! I can bend it most all the way though, I could hardly bend it that first year. I'm glad it was my left hand at least since I'm right-handed, but you don't realize how much you use even your left hand until something happens to it! :)

So that's the story of my broken you might have guessed, I haven't ever broken anything more serious! :p I've sprained a few things, and cut my head on a folding chair and had to get stitches when I was five, but never broken an arm or anything. Which is just fine with me!!

Hmm...seems like I was going to mention something else, but I've forgotten. Oh, here's this:

Um, rats...not a favorite of mine, but I liked this picture!

Calzomboli! You know, I rather like that! :)

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Looks yummy!