Saturday, March 15, 2008

Current kitchen

Sorry, I should have posted a picture of what it looks like now...since Rebecca asked what we have up there now, here's a picture. There's not really enough stuff even if we did stick with the blue & white.


mandolinartist said...

Maybe you could put something else on top of the cabinets on the right or change your cabinet knobs, but you don't want to clutter it too much. What else would you add, even if you stick with the blue and white? (Note/Thought: Didn't you say you bought a red blender?)

Beth said...

I think I'm having a mental block about this because we're calling it "redecorating". That sounds like spending lots of money and ripping out cabinets.

Maybe we could find another way to describe it? Because I don't think it's going to cost much. A can of paint (if we don't end up using one of the colors we already have), some fabric for the valance, and some garage saleing/thrift shopping to find "stuff" for on top of the cabinets.