Monday, March 31, 2008

What I did...

...this weekend and what I'm doing today.
  • Shortened Colin's shorts. Poor kid, he's tall, but his height's in his torso not his legs...very annoying. Leads to stepping on the hems of your pants and not finding shirts long enough.

  • Tidied the house
  • Put away piles of groceries
  • Sharpened the knives after Dad was trying to cut something with a dull paring knife and didn't have time to sharpen it
  • Started sewing a coupon pouch (one for myself and if it works, another one for Mom)

  • Ironed clothes
  • Wrote bread recipes in a nice little notebook that's the perfect size for recipes...and that way I won't have recipe cards sitting all over the kitchen after I bake bread
And today I am:
  • Blogging in the morning! Que Horror!
  • Using bullet points
  • Cleaning my bathroom...we had run out of bathroom cleaner, but we got some on sale at Target yesterday (lovely stuff...Scrubbing Bubbles soap scum removing stuff...smells like fake oranges.)
  • Considering the fact that I think I will look for shirts on clearance in the boys department when I need more shirts. When we were at Target yesterday looking at stuff for Colin, I found a really cute brown polo shirt with pink stripes. If it hadn't been ten dollars, and I had actually needed a shirt, I would have gotten it. It was long enough and the fabric was actually thick enough...if I find a girls' shirt that's long enough, it's usually that really, really thin knit fabric. So, for polo shirts at least...boys' department.
  • Looking at the registration form for the homeschool conference, and trying to figure out whether if I wanted to go it would be $20 or $80. I guess I'd have to pay the admission fee, and the $20 for teens. Ah, never mind if it's going to be that much. I saw 6-7 seminars I thought might be interesting, but not $80 worth I don't think. Homeschool Alumni get in free, but I think you still have to pay the's rather confusing. And do I count as alumni when I'm still finishing up a little bit of school? Whatever...
  • Dusting and Swiffering to fight the never-ending cat's a wonder these cats have any fur on them!
  • If I have time, getting some schoolwork done...I sure hope I have time, I'm really wanting to get this stuff done and I'm pretty close! I'm aiming for being done by this summer which will be really nice, I'll have time to work on all the other stuff I should be cooking, and getting my cleaning schedule arranged and such. And if I can get that all organized over the summer, it would be great, because Mom's going to be even busier with Colin's schoolwork next year, so if I can handle more stuff that would be a help to her.
  • Are bullet points allowed to be this long?
  • I've run out of points
  • Oh, and writing a blog post in my head about logic and debating and communicating clearly...but you'll see when I get it written
  • I should be working on other stuff...


Beth said...

* Using bullet points

I am positively bursting with pride. Heehee...

Ana said...

*Giggles* Your posts make me giggle. :) And I totally hear you about shopping in the men's department, I do that a lot. :) Yeah, because the girl stuff is like you said: too short, too thin, too tight, too ugly, etc., etc.. Go for shopping in the men's clothes!!! :)

Ana said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you how much I love the fabric you have picked for your coupon pouch. It's so cute!!

Natalie said...

Thank you! The fabric I'm using is just some I had leftover from a shirt and a skirt, and the prints happened to work together! :)