Thursday, March 13, 2008

My totally awesome shoes

As Olivia and Will pointed out, Converse rock.
And good job spotting the shoes, you two, since you can only see the tops of them! :)

Anyway, I have two pairs of chucks, and I wish I had more. These are the ones I have:

Green and pink ones from Rebecca, because they were the wrong size for her, and black and white ones I got on eBay for about a third of the normal price. I end up wearing the black ones more, because they go with things better, but I like both pairs.

I wish I had these (they would match my bedroom!). They also used to make some that looked like these ones:

...but in lime green with black and white rabbits, and the black rabbits were fuzzy. I think they also had a version with sheep. I can't seem to find any pictures now, though, so I don't know if they stopped making them or what. That's too bad. They also come in tweed, and floral prints, and a fingerprint pattern...and wouldn't these crossword ones be neat? You could have your friends write their names in the spaces:

Unfortunately Converse aren't exactly cheap. But if one was going to collect a bunch of shoes, wouldn't these be the most practical shoes you could collect? :) I mean, they come in all sorts of colors, and you can throw them in the washing machine!

And speaking of practical, I have to put dorky gel insoles in mine because they are SO FLAT inside and I have picky feet that don't like to be that flat. :p


rebecca said...

Mine are starting to fall apart now...but I still love them. I like the rabbits too!

mandolinartist said...

Well... ahem.... hhhhmmmm... I wore converse BEFORE they were popular like they are now, and they were not expensive. (I have worn black, and I had a red-violet, almost purple, pair when I was a kid. This was during my skateboard, tie-dye shirt, painter pants days.)

Natalie said...

You skateboarded?!!

Will said...

mandolinartist said: I wore converse BEFORE they were popular like they are now, and they were not expensive.

I agree, back in the '90s when I first wore converse (still remember the first pair I got, size 7, forest green) they were not expensive at all. Course they did not have all the cool styles they have now. Have you ever been on Converse's website? They have some pretty amazing patterns!

mandolinartist said...

Will, I have never been on the website, but I will have to try it.

Natalie, I was not a fully, die-hard skateboarder, but I had a skateboard. I am talking pre-teen to earlier years also. I grew up next door to my great uncle and aunt, and they paved our driveway when I was a small child still riding my big wheel! It was the perfect place, with a slight incline, for skateboarding, biking, and playing basketball. (I actually rode the skateboard most often sitting down and going down the hill.)

Natalie said...

Yeah, the website's pretty cool.

(I actually rode the skateboard most often sitting down and going down the hill.)

Ah yes, that's what I used to do when my friend had a skateboard years ago! As long as you don't run over your fingers it's safer than standing up on it! :D Last time I tried to do anything on a skateboard, I fell and sprained my wrist. Certain people laughed at me...they could probably tell you about it on Sunday. :P

Han said...

What certain person laughed at you? Just curious...

Olivia Joy said...

I love the post!!! They totally roc!! My green and pink pair are slightly different, I like yours better :) Oh and Rocket Dogs are my new favorite shoe-I think you would really like them too!!!