Sunday, March 09, 2008

Gracie's paper bag

When I got clothes from my friend the other day, she gave me a big paper bag from Gap to put them all in. With my wonderful paper-bag skills, I managed to tear one side of it slightly, but the tear has gotten bigger since then...I left it on the floor under my sewing table, and Gracie has had a lot of fun playing in it. Yesterday morning she was very bored and after walking around on the table and knocking things off, she decided to go play with the bag. I thought I'd just pester her a little bit. I got a video of it, enjoy! :)


Beth said...

Pobre gatito, you persecute her so! BTW, I can hear the washing machine in the background of your video.

Natalie said...

Gatito? More like gato grande! :D

Yeah, and at one point you can also hear Colin flush the toilet and wash his hands!

Rebecca said...

That was very amusing...poor Gracie!

I wish one of us had taken a video of you and Archie! :D

Maria said...

Ha Ha,i thought she was going to bite you.