Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So that's where it came from

Apparently the tradition of new clothes for Easter came from the early church.

"In the early church it was custom to administer Holy Baptism at "cockcrow." The candidates of Baptism were dressed in shiny white robes which they wore throughout the week. This led to the custom of individuals wearing new clothes on Easter Sunday, and to show them off by walking around the town and country side; thus originated the Easter promenade or Easter parade." from Easter

"Why do we wear a "New Easter Dress" on Easter Sunday?
People, who were baptized during the year, in the early church, wore white robes as a symbol of their new life the week of Easter. People who had been baptized in previous years also wore new clothes sharing in the symbolism of new life. As time passed, wearing new clothes on Easter became a symbol of the grace of Easter

Where did the parades come from?
After Easter service the people, wearing their new Easter robes, would take a long walk through the village." from Traditions of Easter

So apparently that's the origin of all this fuss. :)

Here's the pictures of my dress:

That fabric is strangely hard to photograph!

AND, I started working on the shrug again! Once again, I think I figured out what I was doing wrong...which is no guarantee that I won't be posting tomorrow that it's not working at all. :) I thought of it just as I was going to bed last maybe that big piece of brownie helped.
I much prefer knitting though...with knitting you have x number of stitches on the needle, and unless you purposely add or subtract some, there's no way to change that number!

Of course, at this point the weather on Sunday is supposed to be in the mid-fifties with a chance of rain. Figures. :)

Well, I'd rather it be cool, than that I be outside in the blazing heat playing volleyball...because that's what we did two years ago. I wasn't real fond of volleyball to begin with because I'm no good at it, but I really don't like it now since I broke my finger playing volleyball that day! Ugh.

Most of the people in our church don't have family nearby, so we have an Easter fellowship at someone's house. Which is very nice, except for volleyball being suggested as an activity for the kids that one year. :)


abigail said...


Natalie said...

Thanks. Hey, totally random question, but I was just kind of wondering how old you are? (If you don't mind telling me.) :)

abigail said...

Not at all! I'm 16, (17 this fall).

mandolinartist said...

We must have been with family 2 years ago because I have a history playing church fellowship volleyball, even if I'm not a kid!

Will said...

You don't like volleyball?? Gasp! I am sorry broke your finger but I disagree about volleyball, it is great. Especially when it involves playing with people from church...Competition always brings out the hidden side of people :p

rebecca said...

The dress is lovely! I'm not getting a new one (horrors!) but I am wearing a sort of poofy skirt that I usually don't wear because our church is sort of casual.

But now that I think about it, I should be able to wear a poofyish skirt whenever I want.

Will said...

oh that should be sorryyou broke your finger... and even though I do like volleyball I have to say that it is sometimes painful on fingers, I can't count the times I have jammed mine.

Natalie said...

Hey Abigail! That's cool...I just sort of like to be able to place my commentors, so to speak...most of the ones that don't have blogs I know in person. And I figured out from your comment on Lords of the Blog, that your birthday is Oct. 8th! :D Cause you can figure out people's birthdays from what their sentence is! :) Okay, maybe I have too much time on my hands...

Mandolinartist, I'm thinking you were probably there...but it wasn't real organized or anything, so maybe you didn't know we were playing volleyball??

Will, when I've played volleyball it's either been with people who didn't really want to play that much, in which case it's hard to get into the game. Or it's been people who are really good at it, and would get frustrated when I'd mess up. Because I'm not very good at it! I don't mom even used to play volleyball, but I usually like baseball or kickball better. I have hand-eye coordination that somehow does not transfer to the ability to send a volleyball in the right direction! :D

Rebecca, you just wear that poofy skirt whether people like it or not!! :D It can't be that poofy anyway, or you wouldn't like it. You should send me a picture...I want to see this skirt. And as long as it's not 426 in. around the bottom, it should be fine! ;)

Beth said...

>my mom even used to play volleyball

I like how you worded that. :) "EVEN my MOM played volleyball, and if you knew my mom you'd know how amazing that concept is."

Well, I was 16 at the time, and if I hadn't been going to a teeny-eeny-tiny Baptist high school where you pretty much just had to be breathing to make the volleyball team... I did have a killer serve, just not much of anything else. :)

rebecca said...

It isn't too poofy, I just don't know how to describe the things it does :)

I'll take a photo on Easter (if I don't freeze to death wearing this skirt!).