Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday post

Okay, a very random post for Sunday...sorry!
  • I'm going to try to cut down on my computer time, mainly by switching my blogging to the afternoon. I've gotten in a habit over the past month of blogging in the morning, and I'm afraid it's really cutting into time I should be using more profitably. I know I like to find a new post on a blog in the morning, but I really need to manage my time better, and blog after I've gotten more of my work done! Of course, that means I'll have to wait and read blogs in the afternoon too, so I won't know if other people are getting posts up first thing in the morning either! :) So hopefully my next posts will be afternoon or late night posts. It's a problem because I have a habit of blogging, and then I get started looking at other stuff, and before I know it an hour has passed...or more. :(
  • The shrug I'm crocheting is still not working! I was trying to get it and the dress done for Easter. I think that it's maybe supposed to be cold that weekend anyway, so maybe I'll get the dress done and wear a sweater over it. Whatever...
  • Monday is St. Patrick's Day! I think Mom's making corned beef and cabbage for supper. Should be interesting...I am part Irish, but most Irish food doesn't sound very appetizing to me. Most of it seems to involve a lot of potatoes and bread...and if I ate that all the time I wouldn't have any energy to do anything! But I think corned beef should be okay...the rest of me that's German, Scottish, and English is just going to have to deal with it! :D Scottish food sounds pretty nasty too...
  • Dad's been working on the flier for a conference our church is sponsoring: Families For God's Glory In fact, he's still working on it, because the registration form still has to be done...I'm surprised he's managed to get as much done as he has, what with being sick and then very busy at work!
  • I'm not sick, but I'm not sure why my ears are still all stuffy. They were stuffy all yesterday, and then I got a headache in the evening just like on's strange. It's rather disorienting, and I feel like my balance is kind of off because of it too. I need to go take some more sinus medicine and see if it helps any. At least my head's not hurting during the day...I can function while feeling foggy, but not with a headache! Oh well. On the other hand, I slept really well last night because I was in a fog! :)
I'm going to go get some sewing done. I've got to pick out a few seams because I sewed the facing pieces together wrong...but after I get that fixed it shouldn't take too much longer to finish. Shouldn't. :p

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Beth said...

You forgot the Welsh and Scots-Irish! And any time you want to rustle up some German grub, you are welcome to try. Aren't most traditional cuisines based on some sort of carbohydrate...rice, bread, potatoes?