Thursday, March 20, 2008

I don't LIKE spam!!

But I've got "spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam and spam!"*

My main email (Earthlink) is catching almost everything in my spam filter. I use Eudora as my email program instead of doing it all online, so to get the emails out of my junk mailbox I have to log on to the web mail and rescue the messages that aren't actually spam.

I prefer not to use the web mail because it's easier to write emails in Eudora, and I have it set to check mail at regular intervals. Plus, in the web mail there's no way to reply in-line. (Does anyone else even do that anymore?...where you write your reply directly under the appropriate paragraph, as opposed to writing your whole reply above the email?) I reply above the email on my web mail and my Yahoo mail, because there's no other way, but when I use Eudora, I generally reply in-line.

Anyway, right now I've just turned off the filtering because most of my emails, and all my blog comments were going into the spam folder. So now I'm getting all my email, but I also get all the spam as well!

The filter is not supposed to catch messages from senders that are in your address book, but it was catching those even. Earthlink has fixed it before, but then I'm not sure if they get a bunch of complaints about spam and they up the filtering, or what.

It's getting annoying!

*Monty Python's Spam skit

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